It is a 30-minute face-to-face tarot reading by Thoth tarot cards and can be online or offline. 
(*Offline is only for clients from Hong Kong region) 

You can also choose to have a tarot written report (1-2 page) for your question. 

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What is Tarot?

Many people think it is a mysterious thing, not to mention it was related to witchcraft, spells, some kind of occult rituals, etc., in history. But actually it is not, it is just an efficient use of your intuition and it is within all of us. Also, it has no limitation, no boundaries, so a tarot reader can read the cards for you regarding your questions. It is all about the right brain because things are shown to you in pictures instead of words and very straight forward.

How to ask question?

When you are interested to ask tarot a question, please focus on yourself only. Tarot reader usually has a moral standard not to read for third parties because that third party hasn’t asked that question, there is no energy flow between us. 

Also, please be as specific as possible. I’m not saying that you should give the whole story, what I mean here is to limit the scope. Some people asked ‘What will my love life be?’, ‘What is the future holds for me?’, etc.

Please remember Tarot is only a tool to understand the current energy but not to make choices for you. You are still responsible for your life and your choices. So the above questions can be changed to ‘Will I meet someone for a serious relationship this year?’, ‘Will I get that certain job?’ or ‘What will my financial be in 2018?’, etc.

Also please bear in mind that the cards can always give you advice, even if you are asking a yes or no questions, the card can tell you where to improve or what are the key learning even if you got a negative answer. So please open up your heart and listen to your intuition. 

Please refer to my Mission and Ethics for more information.