Natal Chart and Transit Analysis


Natal Chart and Transit Analysis


Everybody has their own character and by understanding it you will find your potentials and talents, like an enjoyable career, a compatible lover, how to deal with relationships without losing yourself in it.... 

Transits mainly focus on the trends and the coming flow of energy, and we can also focus on certain aspects of life such as love, finance, etc. Its purpose is to get yourself prepared with the coming challenges or 'surprises'. Please read more in my post: Find your universe from the universe.

Consultation time: 60 minutes

Channels of consultation: Online (can be WeChat or Skype)

If you are living in Hong Kong, we can meet face-to-face


  1. This analysis does not include compatibility analysis, please see another service item

  2. Once your payment is confirmed, please send your reference number or confirmation email to and make a booking. Please provide a consultation time and preferred channel of consultation.

  3. Service fee is in HK dollar.

  4. You are eligible to change the consultation time once after it is confirmed by astrologer.

  5. Please refer to my Mission and Ethics for more information.

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