Horary Astrology

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Horary Astrology


Not everyone knows there exact birth time, but they still have the right and curiosity to know what is in store for them. With horary astrology, I don't really need your birth time, but based on the time I received your request, I will predict what is going on in the sky and how it affects you. 

Service Scope: HK$500 per question for 30 minutes

Consultation: via skype or Internet phone calls
(If you are living in HK, face-to-face meeting is possible.)


  1. Once your payment is confirmed, please send your reference number or confirmation email to hkcelestialcat@gmail.com and make a booking. Please provide a consultation time and preferred channel of consultation.
  2. Service fee is in HK dollar. 
  3. You are eligible to change the consultation time once after it is confirmed by astrologer. 
  4. Please refer to my Mission and Ethics for more information. 
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