Compatibility Analysis


Compatibility Analysis

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Compatibility Analysis can apply to any of the following:

  • Parents and Children: To understand your children and how to build a closer bond with them, what is your role in their life
  • Love relationship: to make a closer bondage or to make the relationship lasts
  • Business partners: to find a good business partners and build a career that is beneficial to both of you

Consultation time: 90 minutes

Channels of consultation: Online (Wechat call or Skype)
Can be offline if you are living in Hong Kong

Necessary information: the birth time of both of the subjects (must be provided and discrepancy must not be more than 15 minutes), and birth place.


  1. Compatibility analysis is for the purpose of improving the relationship and enhance communication. To protect personal privacy, if any one of the party cannot attend the consultation, astrologer will only focus on the one who attends. 
  2. After payment is settled, please send your reference number or confirmation email to and please provide a date and time for consultation, and the preferred channel of consultation. 
  3. Service fees in terms of HK dollar.
  4. Once booking is confirmed by astrologer, you can change the consultation time once. 
  5. Please refer to my Mission and Ethics for more information. 
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