Solar Eclipse in Jul 2019 - A change of perception on home and self

We are now at the eclipse season again! This time we are welcoming a Cancer New Moon and total solar eclipse, which is happening on 3 Jul 2019 at 3:16pm Hong Kong time, at 10 degree 37 minutes of Cancer.

Astrology is about cycles, similar eclipse happened 19 years ago, so if you want to check what is going to happen, we need to think what happened in Jul 2000. But remember this is only a pattern, things won’t happen exactly the same, it just gives us some similar feelings. And after all these 19 years of training and learning, I’m sure our understanding and reaction towards things will be different. This is called growth, that’s also related to Cancer, which represents woman’s womb, where fetus grow.

Cancer is related to family, home, mother, subconscious and sense of securities, etc. And the ruling planet of Cancer is Moon, which is also in Cancer, so the power of Moon and Cancer is very strong. This eclipse is asking us to look inside, what do we require for having a home, how do we define it and what gives us security? But as I said, we grew in these 19 years, our answers will be much different from our old self. (Provided what happened in Hong Kong, the place where I spent almost 40 years in, this is definitely a shake up…) We also need to pay attention to where our Moon is in our natal chart, find out which sign it is in and which house, this is another way to understand ourselves.

So let’s take a look at the aspects: (i) This new moon will oppose Saturn and Pluto (which are currently conjunct); (ii) sextile Uranus; (iii) Mercury and Mars have no aspect with this new moon, but as Mercury will go retrograde in a few days after the eclipse, so we shall also check it out.


(I) Solar Eclipse opposing Saturn and Pluto

Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn, this has been discussed by many astrologers, and until January 2020, they will be exact conjunct. Cancer and Capricorn is about People and the Government; and it is also about Home and Career, so we might find that many people are talking about immigrating to another country or moving homes, maybe due to unhappy experience and dissatisfaction with the government. Cancer is famous for its moodiness and empathy, these people feel before they make a move, only if they feel save then they can move forward. Unfortunately it is opposed by Saturn and Pluto, the representing stars of limitation and fear, we will feel the suppress or fear of insecure. Find your strength inside, understand your needs, what causes these insecurity inside you? You will only find the answer by checking out your Moon. I once heard: Change maybe painful, but stay put maybe even worse… so this maybe the time we remember this motto.

(II) Sextile of Uranus

Uranus is in Taurus now, another placement where astrologers have been talking a lot, so happened it is aspecting this solar eclipse. Uranus is famous for its unexpectedness, and futuristic. So we will expect something that can affect our future, something that push us forward and make us a better self. Uranus is also related to revolution, as it is now in Taurus, a very uncomfortable position for Uranus, so I’d say it is time for us to step out of our comfort zone, do something crazy. (I don’t mean you need to hurt yourself, but try something new!)

(III) Mercury and Mars conjunct in Leo and not aspecting this new moon

When astrologers read a natal chart, we not only check out stars that are aspected, similar to related in laymen term, but we also pay attention to stars that are being left alone, i.e. not related to any other stars. It would be an independent issue that we need to deal with. This time we have Mercury and Mars. Mercury will first station and turn retrograde, so for the whole July, we need to be careful with documentations and pay special attention to details if we want to make a serious decision. Mars just enters Leo at 0 degree, Mars was weak in Cancer before, now entering a fire sign revives Mars, we will be more motivated in a way or less stuck. With Mercury in Leo conjunct Mars, we can be less patient and want to get more support from audiences. I would expect more and more people coming out and speak for themselves or try to persuasive.

The above is only my general analysis for this coming Cancer Solar Eclipse, if your Sun, Moon or ASC is at 9-11 degree of Cancer, there will be something special for you in this New Moon; and for the same degree in Aries, Libra and Capricorn, you can also expect something too as these are all the Cardinal Signs. However, please understand that we all have different natal chart, please call a professional astrologer for a reading so as to understand what exactly is in store for you in this Cancer Solar Eclipse.

(Photo Credit: Google)