Pluto and Me

Its been a while I write a blog post here… I have been affected by Pluto transit lately and that leads me to re-evaluate and review my life, realized Pluto’s effect on me, so I think it would be good to write a blog post to share. In summary, this transit gives the growth and change that had never happened to me before.

Pluto was discovered in 1930, it is the farthest planet from the sun in our solar system, it takes 248 years to circle around the sun. Interestingly, its orbit is tilted, making it closer to the Sun than Neptune on one side. And Pluto does not go through all the zodiac signs evenly, varying from 10 - 30 years and goes through around 1/4 to 1/3 of our natal chart.


In myth, Hades is another name for Pluto. Hades rules the underworld, it is the place where the dead are judged. In astrology, it is the place of death and rebirth. Also, Hades received the Cap of Invisibility as a gift from Elder Cyclopses. It allows him to be invisible to all the supernatural things, so he is mostly invisible even when he is in his own underworld palace. To astrologers, it represents our dark side, something hidden within us. Sounds horrible, isn’t it? Because Pluto/ Hades represents the things that are unknown and uncertain, that’s why we have fear. But bear in mind, there are a lot of treasures and resources hidden underground, e.g. oil, natural gases, treasures literally. So the Hades/ Pluto story is asking us to accept life is uncertain, be brave and to find out what are the treasures hidden behind each experience.


Before I learnt astrology, I thought that Pluto’s effect would be small, not only because it is small in size, but also it is the farthest planet. Not to mention it is classified as a generational planet, its effect may only be for a big group of people or represent a trend in a generation. But I was so wrong! It’s effect on my life is HUGE!

This Pluto transit I am having is a square between the transiting Pluto and my natal Pluto, Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio, which is the 9th house of my chart, representing my life dreams and aspirations. That’s why I recently have the feeling that ‘I don’t want to be like this forever’, feels that my life can be easily forecast if things stay the same and that’s it, I’m settled (as an Aquarius rising, this is no fun at all!). But interestingly, Pluto has its plan, it ended the things that trapped me the most, in an unexpected way! Of course there were fear and insecurity, but this experience is like a slap in the face, wake me up and yelled at me that I have so much potential that I need to make use of! So I’m not done yet!

I am so grateful that I learnt astrology, because I know I will have this transit in these few years. To me, I’m quite exciting about the things coming up because I want to experiment whether astrology is correct. And I understand myself better, that I am someone who can easily adopt to changes, so I am less fearful to uncertainties. Of course not everyone like changes, and someone may oppose my comment because they would rather hide their head under the sand. But whether you know astrology or not, the stars will keep cycling in the sky and things will happen anyways. Think about it, that’s exactly what Pluto is teaching us - be brave!

Pluto is the higher octave of Mars, Mars represents bravery and motivation, so check out what is it in our life that needs this higher octave bravery? I guess it must be something scary and not simple right? If it is so horrifying, I really encourage you to get prepared in advance, sharpen your weapon and face the truth.

(Photo Credit: Google)