Aries New Moon in April 2019

This coming Aries new moon is happening on 5 April 2019, at 4:50pm, at 15 degree of Aries. This is the 5th and the last 15 degree new moon. With that said, you can see a lot of 5s. Actually, 5 is the middle of number 1-9, and from its shape, we see it is going forward and going backward at the same time. So it represents changes, revolve, unstable, of which is singing along with the energy of Aries New Moon.


We need to pay attention though, because this new moon is squaring both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Square is a negative aspect, but it does bring us good thing, because we feel stress and uncomfortable and thus act to improve it. Aries is also a sign about taking actions, so let’s be brave and stop the chatter in our brain that stop us from doing things! Chances can come and go in a split second! The depositor of this New Moon is Mars and it will be in Gemini when the New Moon happens. Gemini is an air sign, it likes to collect information and talk to people; so let’s talk and share. The process can be quite fierce as Mars is the planet of war, but you may find some surprising new sparks.

Overall, Pisces energy can be quite strong at the same time, because we have Mercury, Venus and Neptune all in Pisces, we can be very imaginative or even overwhelmed by all the thoughts. However, with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, we are pulled back to earth and forced to look at the truth, be practical.

Let’s check out the forecasts for the 12 signs, please refer to your ascendant, sun and moon sign:


This new moon is happening in your sign Aries! So it means a lot of changes, but with Saturn and Pluto in your 10th House, your career will be your main focus. You may feel the urge to change your current situation at work, or change a better career path. I believe it won’t be a problem to you Aries, because changes and new developments are your friends, you will be able to adapt to these new challenges in front of you at ease.


This new moon is happening in your 12th house, so it is your sub-conscious that is affected; together with the Saturn and Pluto in your 9th house, I would bet you may want to develop a new personal life goal, or even feel that you didn’t do good in the past that you want to start fresh, become a better you. Why don’t you take a break in Easter and explore a foreign country. As the fixed earth sign, change is not your cup of tea, but if it is an urge from within your soul, you will work towards it without second thought.


This new moon will affect your social circle, you may have the chance to know a group of new friends, develop something new and explore a new horizon. You will need to face your fear in the process, you may feel uneasy or insecure when expressing yourself, you fear people will look down on your or criticize you. BUT, Aries is about taking action and it is such process that we learn and grow, so be brave like an Aries. You also need to check if your fear is caused by uncertainties or your ability and you maybe surprised that you already equipped with the necessary skill set


This new moon brings new career opportunity to you Cancer! But beware that your partners or significant other may not be able to understand or give you the support in a short time. As a Cancer, support from your family and those that you cared and loved is very important. But this is an exceptional opportunity that has so much potential, so let’s face it, talk to the people that you want to win their support.


It is the time to learn some new skill sets, Leo! You may find the current knowledge insufficient for you to improve your work. In order to reach a higher level, you need to equip yourself. Many things may come up your mind that grill you with impatience. But this new moon trine to Leo, you will have a lot of support to finish the things you want. Try to talk to some foreigners, you may discover something interesting that is useful to you.


This new moon is happening in your 8th house, a place about partner’s money or public resources. Also, Capricorn is in your 5th house, a house about gambling and risks, so Virgo needs to check and access the risk when investing. Try to spend some time with kids, this can train your patience and maybe you can learn something from them.

action plan picture.png


It is a time for new romantic relationship for Libra! Beware that Aries is a fire sign, so things will happen really really fast. And Saturn and Pluto is in your 4th house, there maybe a chance that one of you is targeting for marriage when having this relationship, but due to some external reasons that it is impossible to do it now. You need to plan carefully.


There will be changes in your daily lives, maybe the path to work, or a new diet. It is Scorpio’s style to be low profile, not cooperating with anyone. However, please try to communicate, maybe within a small group or with your BFFs. A short trip can be helpful too, collect information to access the feasibility of your new plans.


This new moon is also trining Sagittarius like Leo, and it is a good time to start a new hobby. Think of your passion, your interests, what makes you happy. It is a time to fall in love, with a person (adult or a kid) or a hobby, and even your own self. Be careful of too much spending though, spending in terms of money or time or resources, but if you take responsible for the choices you made, you will learn something in the process too!


There maybe a chance for you to move to a new home or have new decoration in your place, but the main concern will be for you to spend more time with your parents or to find your root. Beware though, you may stress yourself too much with Saturn and Pluto in your 1st house, many aspects of your life maybe currently in chaos. Do things step by step, and cut things in phases or stages. If needed, take a break so as to rejuvenate and recover. You can only walk further if you have a healthy body.


This new moon will activate your creativity and your expressions, also related to learning new information and skills, by knowing a group of new friends. Friends can introduce us to new things that we have never paid attention to or never thought of. But check that if you have some kind of limitation imposed in your subconscious due to past failure. With more knowledge and with the support of new friends, maybe this time can be different and succeed!?


This new moon will bring along opportunities to make more money and/or resources, so it is also a time to learn and manage your wealth. It can be a challenge to Pisces because you are not familiar with money nor even care about it. But this Aries new moon is challenging you to take action, do something about it! There maybe obstacles from friends though, they may give you too many ideas that confuse you… Think clearly what exactly you want and act on it will be the key.

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