Libra Full Moon on Spring Equinox in Mar 2019

It is full moon again! This is the 5th consecutive full moon at 0 degree, so this is the last one. And we will expect another Libra full moon after 28 days.

This coming full moon is happening on 21 Mar 2019 at 9:42 am Hong Kong time, the Sun is at 0 degree of Aries and the Moon is at 0 degree of Libra. So happen the Sun enters Aries, this is our Spring Equinox.


Let’s take a look at the ruling planet of Aries and Libra - Mars at 23 degree of Taurus and Venus at 23 degree of Aquarius, which is an exact square! Actually the nature of Aries and Venus are already very different, one is about taking the things we want by and with force; the other is using communication skill and negotiation skills to obtain what we want to get. And Aries and Libra are both fixed signs, you can imagine it would be a difficult time to get compromise. Moreover they are supported by respective camps: Mars is supported by Pluto and South Node in Capricorn with a trine; this is the careful and tactful camp. Venus is supported by Jupiter in sextile, which is the fun, playful and creative camp. So it is again causing us a lot of struggle.

The above planets, including Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Pluto and South Node are situated at 22 or 23 degree, those with planets in their natal chart situated around 21 - 24 degree may be affected the most. (I personally have 3 planets in these degrees…)

Traditionally, Spring Equinox and 0 degree represents new beginning, Spring Equinox is the beginning of Spring; 0 degree is the first space of each zodiac sign; not to mention Aries is the first sign of the 12 zodiac, all of these are telling us this full moon is a beginning of something, and it will be the most important one among the 5 consecutive 0 degree full moons. However, we need to bear in mind that the moon becomes the brightest during full moon, it is thus, a time to reflect.


In this full moon, the Sun will conjunct Chiron. Chiron represents wounds, and the Sun is the brightest planet in our solar system, we can use this time to check out what is bugging us, what hurts us and what left us hanging. Find it out and heal it if possible. I think Mercury retrograde can be the solution, because retrograde means revision, review, revise, anything that starts with ‘re-’, so it is a push for us to check what to throw away, so as to leave space for new things to come. Also, Mercury will join Neptune soon after the full moon, Neptune is related to religion and spiritual things, so we can consider using your own religion or new age solution to heal and to empower ourselves.

This is a Libra full moon, Libra is about cooperation and relationship, as it is at 0 degree and we will have another Libra full moon again, it is thus a significant implication. We need to evaluate if there is anything we need to improve when we cooperate with others or how to get along better with our significant other. Our soul reincarnate on earth to train and to help, Libra full moon can be a good time to do so!

(Photo Credit: Google)