The Chinese Lunar New Year and the Aquarius New Moon - A new start for us all!

Tomorrow is the Chinese Lunar New Year, so I take this chance to wish you all a prosperous and wonderful year of Pig!

The Chinese Lunar New Year marks the new moon, and it is happening at 15 degree of Aquarius, at 5:03 am on 5 Feb 2019, Hong Kong time. There are many sextiles during this new moon and sextile tends to be positive. I said ‘tends to’ because it is not as smooth as trines, but there will be results as long as we are willing to put our efforts. So to a certain extent, I think sextiles is more solid than trines, they make us treasure what we get instead of taking things for granted. So let’s see how we want to spend our year of Pig…


This new moon is happening in Aquarius, which is a sign for mass services and contributions, it also represents inventions, anti-tradition and revolution. So it is a year that is good for changing old habits and make life a better one. Not to mention that there are many supports.

Depositor of this new moon is in Aries

As the new moon is in Aquarius, its depositor is Uranus, which is now positioning at 28 degree in Aries. Uranus has been moving back and forth between Aries and Taurus for some time and it is in Aries at this new moon. Aries represents our motivation and fights, we will have an urge to move forward, to make things happen.

Mercury conjunct the new moon and all 3 planets sextile Jupiter

Mercury is our thoughts, ideas, communications and exchanges, so with Mercury conjunct this new moon, we will be more willing to express ourselves and talk about our thoughts. On the other hand, the great benefic - Jupiter, at its home of Sagittarius, represents expansion, opportunities, luck and wisdom. With their sextile aspect, I would say our communication and exchanges will bring along partners, resources and solutions to help us reach our goals.

Venus in Capricorn, Saturn sextile Neptune

Venus represents our liking, what we favor to do, it will step into Capricorn on the day of this new moon. Capricorn is self discipline, structure and systems, so we will tend to do these things with discipline and patience. Also, Saturn in its home sign Capricorn is sextiling Neptune, which is also in its home sign of Pisces. Neptune is our dreams, so with this supporting aspect, I would say it is very important for us to make use of this period of time to build our dreams base on reality, with clear procedures and systems.


The Devil tarot card

this is the 4th of 5 consecutive new moon happening at 15 degree, so it is also related to the Devil tarot card, I have talked about this card before in the Capricorn New Moon in January this year. But last time I discussed it from the spiritual angle, so I would like to talk about it from material level this time. Actually, this card represents all the material stuff, money, love, physical things, etc. These are all important to us because we live in a material world, we will need it to survive and we want more of these things to make our lives better. Moreover, It is a card ruled by Saturn, many people think that Saturn is the great malefic, but according to Roman legend, Saturn is actually the God of wealth, plenty, agriculture and periodic renewal! In order for us to get abundance, we need to put our effort and sweat, as long as we are willing to pay the price, Saturn will return us in 3 folds.

The main reason to learn astrology is to get ready for the future, this new moon has already told us the trend and if we are going along with the trend, things will get easier for us. Hope this analysis is helpful to you in planning your new year!

(Photo Credit: Google)