2019 Valentine's Day - Strategy for 12 signs

Valentines Day coming up this Thursday, which is right after the CNY, let’s see what we can do to get prepared for our lovely valentines!

[Note that the below analysis is for Sun Sign and Venus Sign, or you can also pay attention to the stallium of one’s chart.]



Aries is the first Cardinal and Fire sign, with Mars as its ruling planet, they like challenges and competitions. So try taking your Aries man/ woman to a carnival or somewhere they can compete and win something. And for the date, bring excitement with you, the atmosphere must be fast and exciting.


Ruled by Venus and is one of the Earth signs, Taurus will be very interested in beautiful things but it must be practical and useful, their 5 senses are very sharp too. So bring them to good restaurants with candle lights, be romantic, bring them for a walk in the beach afterwards.


One of the air signs and belonging to the Mutable group, Geminis are very sensitive to information or things that are informative. So you can consider subscribing Netflix for them. And during the date, find some common topics to talk about, communication is very important to inspire them and sparkle their passion.


Cancers are ruled by the Moon and they like staying at home and spend the night, so why not cook them steak and serve with red wine? Family is very important to Cancers, so you can talk about family, I don’t mean forming one or only about children, home decorations can also mean something to them.


The fixed fire sign Leo, they adore things that can attract attention, like flowers or something sparkling so they can take pictures and show off in their IGs. And be creative in your date, make a treasure hunt or give them surprises!


It is very difficult to satisfy THE Virgo as they are so demanding and there will always be room for improvements. But you must show them how much you care about them, show them how much effort you spent so as to make things happened, they will be happy to see that you have tried your best. And for gifts, something related to health can be a good choice, like a yoga mat.



The cardinal air sign is ruled by Venus, so they have great preference towards things that are beautiful and pretty. I’d say, a pair of good headphones with pretty design can be an option. And be light and happy during the date, but the most important thing is to dress up, be the best of you.


The darkest Scorpio… well well, love and sex are a must, maybe ‘toys’ for him/her? Remember that Scorpio is the fixed water sign, they want you as a whole, so if you show him/her you love him/her whole-heartedly, they can feel and be wiling to treat you whole-heartedly as return. Sexy dress up or makeup is a must during the date.


The active, mutable and ideal Sagittarius like to experience life, of course, it would be better if he/she can experience life with you! Take him or her to a trip or share your experience in a trip that you had before, he/she will be very happy to listen and share his/hers. Dress up in a way that you can move around as he/she may want to go somewhere you cannot imagine!


The gift to a Capri must be something practical and useful to their career development or personal growth, such as subscribing professional journals, or academic papers or something that can show their status and taste. And the date is better take place in somewhere classy and let him know that you are wiling to assist him/her in her career.


The rebellious and revolutionary Aquarius, is the most difficult to find out what they want. But as they are so eccentric and living in the future, electronic devices and gadgets will be of their taste. And for the date, find somewhere non-traditional, somewhere surprising.


The water and mutable sign Pisces, it can be easy or it can be difficult to spend a Valentines Day with them, as they can be ok with anything. But they are romantic and do have high expectation regarding THIS day… So flower and gifts and even heart is necessary. But remember to buy them something that cannot be lost that easily.

Well, no matter you are single, married, or on a date, I wish you a Happy Valentines’ Day!

(Photo Credit: Google)