Sending my love to Hong Kong and the HK people

Affected by the Pluto transit and the social movement, I think of something and thus would like to share this blog with you guys…

(Photo Credit: Google)

(Photo Credit: Google)

If you are aware of the astrology forecasts, we have been affected by the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn is about limitations, government, big corporations, systems; whereas Pluto is about fear and transformation. Many astrologer predicted this aspect will have big effect to governments around the world… As a Hong Kong citizen, let me focus on HK and tell you what I’ve seen…

I think the movement starts with fear - the people in HK fear the autocratic style of certain Party and thus decided to go onto the street and started a movement; the Police fear that someone would threaten his life and thus shoot a protester, etc. This maybe related to human psychology - human being has fear is certain kind of self-protection, so we can be saved from danger, but if we do not have the courage to look clearly what is happening around us, we will be dominated by fear, act in a destructive way, lost our faith, logic and even hope… This is the negative power of the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto.

So their negative side is about fear and limitation, then let’s also take a look at their positive side. Saturn’s lesson is about hard core training, so that we learn and grow, I think you may have heard that if we try our best while having Saturn transit, we can get 3 times or more in return! And for Pluto, it is about transformation, it wouldn’t happen overnight, we usually become a new us after encountering certain big issues in life, such as the death of our loved ones, bankrupt, etc. It is then we grow and have a new attitude towards life. Isn’t it what HK and the HK people are facing?

During this extreme time, the most important thing is to protect our heart, stay focus on the right direction and not being distracted by the fear that is created by media. If we can do our best, we can then contribute in the collective and build a better HK!