The second astrology analysis for 2019 and the Foundation Spread

Wonder if you can feel the urge and the push after the Capricorn solar eclipse at the beginning of this week. But the Universe who always kick our butt is not going to let us go easily as the aspects in the sky is giving us some new challenges. There are 3 main aspects that will come up this week: (1) Mercury squaring Mars; (2) Jupiter squaring Neptune; and (3) Venus is entering Sagittarius.

Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

Mercury squaring Mars will lead to very active thoughts or brain activities, we may even speak really fast, many things pop up in our mind that we want to do them all! But we only have 24 hours… this may lead to stress, frustration or confusion, even lack of patience. And Jupiter squaring Neptune can lead to illusions, e.g. we may think our plans are good but in fact, there are flaws; we may think our goal is good but actually, it is infeasible. Jupiter squaring Neptune will stay a longer time provided they are outter planets, so it is more important that we counter-check if things really work and can be carried out.

At the same time, we are reminded to be present and make a balance too, because Venus is going into Sagittarius. Venus, is the small benefic, entering a sign that loves freedom, can provide us a window to release our pressure. We can check where exactly is Sagittarius is in your natal chart and understand what can help us. For example, if your Sagittarius is in the 9th house, with Venus entering this house, you may want to release your pressure by going for a long-trip or go outdoor with closed friends.

This week we have more fire elements in the sky but earth element still persists, also, be mindful that Capricorn is the most practical sign, so we need to do it, carry things out and not just sit here and think or talk. Further, Mars is at home in Aries, there will be stress and bumps along the way, but be sure to strike a balance and live in the present!


This week I would like to share a tarot spread, you can try out if you have tarot cards, this is a spread to evaluate what are the resources in hand and reflect how we can make use of it, I just call it the Foundation Spread, as it should set the foundation for reaching your goals:


Card 1: What is stopping us from moving forward?

Card 2: What was the successful experience that makes us believe we can?

Card 3 - 5: What are the resources at hand that can help us reach our 2019 goals?

Card 6: If I keep pursuing, what will happen?

Bonus for the week: The first 3 person who reach me via this site can have a free 30 minutes tarot consultation using the above spread. (Bonus last until 31 Jan 2019.)