Examining the Jan Carpicorn Eclipse from the tarot 15 - The Devil

Further to my last post regarding the partial solar eclipse in Capricorn in January 6, let’s take a look at the tarot card number 15 - The Devil, since it is happening at 15 degree of Capricorn, . The Universe has been reminding us continuously about the Capricorn theme, because this card is represented by Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn, and this symbol is hiding in plain sight in the card.

This card is significant, with its dark background color and the devil occupying most of the card. It makes people to feel being seen through or pressurized by its devil’s look. Actually, it is about restrains, some kind of limitation and constrain that held us back, because the focus is not with the devil, but the lovers in chain! This card can be further simplified into the number 6 (6 = 1+5) card - The Lovers. As we can see from the cards, they have very similar composition, only with different color tone and the devil becomes the angel.


I would say The Devil card is the negative side of The Lover card, but there is more to it, as it is a reminder that we maybe limited by something or someone. For example, the free-loving Sagittarian and Aquarian may feel bounded in front of a possessive lover… Look carefully at The Devil card and you will see that the chains are actually very loose and can be taken off, if that’s what the lovers’ wish… so are you willing to do so and look deeply what is holding you back? Back to the example, if the Sagittarian and Aquarian is willing to let go of their ego and take responsibility of the relationship, it will thrive. The meaning here is whether one is willing to take the chain off and take responsibility and commitment. It is the same as Saturn, it represents restrains, but at the same time responsibility and patience.

So let’s check what does this Capricorn partial solar eclipse is telling us for the 12 signs. Please be reminded that it is based on your ascendant, but if you do not know your ascendant, you can also refer to your Sun and / or Moon. But according to my experience, it would be better to check the 3 of them to have a more comprehensive picture.)


Aries (Or the eclipse is happening in your 10th House)

Obviously Aries are asked to review and re-evaluate their career, or the social status they have in the society. To a certain extent, Aries may have a lot of restrain in their career in the last year, you may have seen your inadequacy, with lots of room of improvements; or even want to change your career path. Why not take this time to think thoroughly where you really want to put your efforts in? Whether to change your course is not the focus, but rather, whether a career path can make use of your talents and leverage your experience. How about using some earth element here, by making a list of what you want and what the current job is offering to counter check whether this path is for you? If you really want to change your career path, then what exactly you want it to be?

Taurus (Or the eclipse is happening in your 9th House)

9th house is the house about expanding outward, travelling long distance to develop your life philosophy. Taurus is thus required for the year, to check if there is any established conception that is limiting your further development. Actually, our perception can always affect the development of a situation… like if you have prejudice towards someone, no matter what he/ she does, even if it is for your own good, you will think that this is a bad person. But if you can change your view, looking at things from a different angle, this person can be your friend, or even a benefactor! So please reference to The Hang Man card for 2019, this can be a life-changing year.

Gemini (Or the eclipse is happening in your 8th House)

8th house is about intimate relationship and sharing resources, so Gemini will have to learn how to share or distribute some communal properties. Sharing is important in a relationship, but we cannot loose our own privacy as well, so how to balance the two? And as Pluto is also in the mix of this eclipse energy, it can be an upside down re-distribution of things. But no matter what, there is one thing that will not be lessened - our knowledge. As a Gemini, you know how knowledgeable you are and how much you like learning, so you do have abundant of it to share. As Pluto represents our fear, please check what is your fear, the fear that stops you moving forward?

Cancer (Or the eclipse is happening in your 7th House)

Cancers always take care of others, give love and nurture, but when the eclipse is found in the 7th house, a house about partnership, Cancers will have to pay attention to this area of life and your own self. When one aspect of life developed to the peak, other aspects are twisted because they are under-developed… and therefore become the constrain… but it is still possible to change, because its your choices as spoken. Please try to open up and check what are your limits, and understand that you deserve someone to love you back! It just takes time to strike a balance. Think about it, people love you of who you are or because of your twisted personality? As this eclipse is happening opposite to Cancers, the impact is great and there will be a lot of changes… But don’t give yourself too much pressure (especially for those with your Moon in Cancer), proceed step-by step, and if needed, take a day off to the shore or somewhere near water. It helps.

Leo (Or the eclipse is happening in your 6th House)

This year Leos are required to pay attention to the nitty gritty stuff in life and work. I know you like being under the light and these tedious stuff were never your cup of tea as they cannot gain you any attention… But 2019 will be different. Saturn is the depositor of this partial solar eclipse and at the same time it is in Capricorn, it is here to train your patience and discipline, and it is the solid foundation you need to build. Think about those famous celebrities or CEOs, they do have their daily rituals to keep them healthy and energetic so as to face the challenges in their lives. This is the lesson from the 6th house and if you want to gain people’s attention, please start your own daily rituals!

Virgo (Or the eclipse is happening in your 5th House)

Another earth sign, and same as Capricorn, you give people a stubborn image, and can be really ‘scary’ when you were trying to be the perfectionist! (I know, I’m a Virgo too…) But this eclipse is asking us to use our creativity instead, rather than holding on tight being the perfectionist. Or you are required to use your creativity to make something perfect. Sometimes imperfect situation or things can be perfect, you just need some tolerance and give it a little time… This house is also related to children, nothing can train our patience as much as they do.

Libra (Or the eclipse is happening in your 4th House)

You are the one who can smooth things out, but it maybe different when it comes to your family… Please remember that massaging the situation can be a means to get things done, being the bad guy can also do the trick, your own dislike of argument does not mean it is not useful. Actually, being the bad guy can be a way to express yourself clearly to others and its ultimate goal is to reduce misunderstanding and further arguments in the future. With Pluto nearby, the truth must be revealed. But don’t worry, they are your family, they deserve your true self and willing to accept who you really are.

Scorpio (Or the eclipse is happening in your 3rd House)

Scorpio, you are the mysterious ones, you don’t usually express yourself openly, fearing that people may make use of it to attack you or you were trying to observe till you find a favorable position for yourself. But this time, communication will be the lesson to be learnt. You will need your communication skills, in particular in your work environment or when you get in touch with your siblings or neighbors. At the same time, Mars will go into your 6th house in January, so there maybe more conflict happening in your work environment. Interestingly, the North Node is also close to your 10th house, which represents your career. I would definitely bet there will be something pop up in your work that will require you to polish your communication skills and unite the team to make things work.

Sagittarius (Or the eclipse is happening in your 2nd House)

2019 is a year for you to focus on your finance and resources, it maybe a headache to Sagittarians because you are so free-style and spiritual. You maybe thinking that it is work that forbids you from having fun, to travel, to explore new places; but without money, you won’t be able to afford the trip! This eclipse is the time to review how you make your money or resources that support your further exploration. Think about it, the process of making money can also earn you experiences to develop your life philosophy, like meeting people from different walks of life; learning new solutions to solve client’s problems… Just try to look at your life from a totally different angle and you can enjoy and find out the meaning of work and how you manage your own resources, such as time and money.

Capricorn (Or the eclipse is happening in your 1st House)

You are the focus of this eclipse, and eclipse happening in your first house can mean a big change and a lot of things may happen, but mainly your physical body will be the most obvious. With Pluto also located in first house, it can be stressful overall. Please take some time to go hiking, feel the ground, relax your wrinkled eye brows and hardened mind. Though there will be an upside down changes in life, we can still be practical during this period, tick off your to-do list one-by one, I’m sure this will give you satisfaction. Oh, and tidying the house and throwing away old stuff can be a meditation to you. It is a new beginning for your new life.

Aquarius (Or the eclipse is happening in your 12th House)

It is a special house, because it is so mysterious that only your sub-conscious knows what is happening. So please pay attention to your dreams, have a dream diary, it would be beneficial to understand yourself more. 12th house is also related to rests and sacrifices, so please check how much time you rest, is it too much or too little? It is the time to adjust back to normal. We all only have 24 hours a day, and the more time we put on one thing, we need to sacrifice time spent on another. So time management can be an issue for 2019.

Pisces (Or the eclipse is happening in your 11th House)

It is time to review your circle of friends, some may need to go and some new one may come into your life, we cannot control whom we meet, but we can stay in the present when we spend time with others. 11 house also represent our wealth, it can be money, connections or spiritual wealth, so I would say Pisceans have the potential to develop a lot of things and if you already know what you want, please use your magic. Pisceans are very good at the law of attractions, put it simply, imaginations. So make reference to the Hanged Man card and look at the world from a weird point of view!

This eclipse is happening at 15 degree of Capricorn, so please check if there is any planets or ascendant/ MC are located at 13 - 17 degree of your natal chart, this eclipse will be particularly relevant to you. And the above is only my general analysis for the 12 signs, and as we all have different natal charts, it would more efficient to have an astrologer to look at your chart and give analysis based on it. Anyways, I hope the above is useful as a reference for your planning, wish you a prosperous 2019!

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