The Leo Full Moon Total Eclipse Jan 2019 - A new beginning

We are welcoming our second eclipse this month, a total lunar eclipse and it is happening at 0 degree of Leo, at 1:15 pm on 21 Jan 2019. This would be the last episode of the total solar eclipse that happened in August 2017, if your Ascendant, Sun or Moon is in Leo, you may find that there are a lot of things happened in this one and a half year. And this last eclipse in Leo is more like a reset button, as after all the training and changes, you will find yourself different. Actually, all of us have Leo somewhere in our natal chart, so please check which cusp(s) it is in and if there is any planets on around 0 - 3 degree of Leo, or 27 - 29 degree of Cancer. This eclipse will be most significant to you if that’s the case.

(Photo Credit: Google)

(Photo Credit: Google)

The ruling planet of Leo is the Sun, which represents our ego, confidence and creativity, that’s why our Sun sign is our destiny in this lifetime. During full moon, the Sun is opposite the Moon, so the Sun will be in Aquarius this time. Leo is about one self, but Aquarius is about the mass public. I think it means we are to find our own strengths and make use of it to serve the world. As this eclipse is happening at 0 degree, which is the beginning of each sign, so even though full moon may mean the ending or accomplishment of something, this time it may also mean a new chapter in our lives.

We have to pay attention to a few aspects though:

  1. The Sun and the Moon are squaring Uranus

  2. Mars trine Venus and Jupiter, but at the same time squares Saturn and Pluto

  3. Neptune squares Venus and Jupiter, and at the same time sextiling Saturn and Pluto

The first aspect is quite interesting as Uranus is the depositor of the Sun. Uranus is a special planet, it represents uniqueness and non-conforming style, together with the effect of squaring, we may find ourselves prone to changes on our way to seek our own true self. Uranus retrograded from Taurus to Aries in 2018, it is now direct and proceeding to Taurus again. It stays in each sign for approximately 7 years, so it will take 84 years to be in Aries again. With Uranus in Aries, we will have a lot of push and motivation to change. So let’s make use of it even though you there maybe a lot of change of course on the way!

The second and third aspects are two extremes… because the second aspects will push us forward but the third aspect stops us from doing so. But be mindful that the third aspect is composed of outer planets, so its effect will be longer and more significant.

I would say this is an interesting moment because we are very keen to go forward with so many fire elements in the sky. But I hope you will remember that we are suppose to look long-term and be practical, as the third aspect is telling us things are supposed to be long term, especially we have Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, which requires self-discipline and be goal-oriented.