A deep analysis of the astrological configuration after the Harvest Moon

This week I am sharing quite some information - Venus retrograde and Pluto direct. In order not to scare you away, I will skip the tarot part for the week, but it will be as juicy as usual, please bear with me.

This week we are welcoming Pluto direct at the very beginning of the week on 2 Oct, and on the 5th we will have Venus retrograde. One go direct and the other go retrograde, seems 2018 is quite a busy and volatile year! It seems to me that it is all urging us to make the necessary changes!

(Photo Credit: Google)

(Photo Credit: Google)

Let’s see what is now in the sky: Sun and Mercury in Libra; Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio; Mars and South Node in Aquarius; Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn; Uranus in Taurus; Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. (As Moon is moving really fast, thus I am not including in the above.) Other than Saturn and Pluto, all the planets are located in signs related to the axis of personal ego and compromising with others, i.e. Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces. Actually this axis/ topic already started last week when we have the Aries Full Moon, i.e. Moon in Aries and Sun in Libra. Besides, it happened at 2 degree, both squaring Saturn in Capricorn at 2 degree! Number 2 means duality, it represents opposition and relationship. So as a collective, we are asked to manage our relationships, make certain changes or even purging some unnecessary ones. I always believe the universe will give us the best, though we may feel pain while making changes, but this is a preparation for better people and things to get into our lives.

About Venus Retrograde

Let’s talk about Libra and Venus, though Pluto will go direct before Venus goes retrograde. As Venus, being the ruler of Libra represents money, finance and relationship, which is more relevant to our daily lives.

(Photo Credit: Google)

(Photo Credit: Google)

Venus will start retrograde on 10 degree in Scorpio, on 5 Oct and back to direct on 16 Nov at 25 degree in Libra; it will totally out of shadow on 19 Dec at 11 degree Scorpio. Please check if you have any planets in your natal chart that is within this degrees as this may affect you in a certain way. Retrograde is definitely related to the word “re-”, like revise, redo, review, etc. Where Venus is about money and personal partnerships, we are going to check out these issues in our lives. Moreover, the signs involved include both Libra and Scorpio, Libra is about relationship and partnership, Scorpio is to further develop such relationship in terms of both physical and emotional aspects; it is also about belongings, which belong to you and which is mine, or even what is to be shared.

During this period of Venus retrograde, it will make opposition to Uranus in Taurus (exactly on 31 Oct and 1 Dec); and make sextile to Saturn (exactly on 24 - 25 Oct and 16 - 17 Dec). On 31 Oct when Venus and Uranus are in opposition, the topic will be about resources, we are to check what do we really want and how this desire contribute to the progression of such relationship. However, as Uranus is involved, we may change after a natural disaster or some sudden issues that raise our true feelings inside. As it is so significant, the change will also be significant too. On 1 Dec, these 2 planets will make opposition again but in Libra and Aries, Venus will be direct by this time, we will make use of the skills we have learnt in Oct to handle relationships. At the same time, the sextile to Saturn will make us mature, with more self-discipline. These will base on what we really want, we will be more focused on our goals. In this process we will take away what we don’t want, don’t need, take away those that will distract us. This process maybe painful as said, and fearful to a certain extent, but Scorpio is a dark sign, a deep sign, we may even feel a part of us has died, but we will realize that we no longer need that part, and surrender that part is a process for us to transform. This is also a process of learning how to make use of our own resources….

The story of Pluto

Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio, so the depositor is Pluto and Mars. Just so happened Pluto goes direct in Capricorn, Mars is going out of shadow. (So the universe do have a plan!) Pluto has more effect on us as a collective, as it stays in the same sign for a very long period of time, on the another hand it has greater effect on us compare with other planets. Pluto in Capricorn, a sign represents the government, big organization, meeting the planet representing sex, power, desires and transformation… we can easily see that government, big organization are effected; even the “Me too” scandal in the entertainment industry maybe related to this configuration. With its direct motion, we will develop a deeper sense in many ways, as Pluto does not like fake nor vagueness, it will use an extreme approach to eliminate lies and reveal the truth. With its direction motion, we are definitely reminded that we need to be ourselves, don’t lie to ourselves. A reflective question: do you still believe you can make the needed changes or you have no choice but to follow the flow?

(Photo Credit: Google)

(Photo Credit: Google)

Overall, all the configuration is related to the conflict between our personal ego and others:

  1. The harvest moon last week represents Sun entering Libra, which is the third Cardinal sign and the third season in the year. Sun in Libra is a fall (i.e. weak) place for the Sun, imagine a King walking in the market, he thinks he owns everything in his kingdom, but he is asked to pay for things if he wants to own it! Plus Mercury also in Libra, our ego and mind are all about compromising with others….

  2. Venus is the depositor of the Sun and Mercury, Venus in Scorpio is also a weak position, because Scorpio is so obsessive and possessive, it cannot balance anymore! It is always good to give a relationship some air to breath, but Scorpio cannot even stand a breath that is not in the same pace… The good thing about this retrograde is Venus will go back to Libra, we can take this opportunity to check / revise what we really want and how to make a balance.

  3. The depositor of Venus is Mars and Pluto, Pluto is about the collective, as explained above, so I am not repeating here. But Mars in Aquarius, where Aquarius and Leo are also about the collective (the group of friends) and ego respectively! We will have Mars leaving the power of the South Node soon, but it is still squaring Venus. So obviously it is the energy we need to balance.

  4. Neptune in Pisces, it is a configuration that only happens every 200 more years! Though Neptune has been in Pisces for quite a long time, but when we talk about the personal ego and others axis, it brings further meaning here. Both Neptune and Pisces melt things, Neptune in Pisces will definitely strengthen this type of energy. We will be more sensitive regarding other’s feelings or human race as a whole, and more acceptable to occult things. But the bad thing is we will feel lost or confused, like we have lost our own self. This is conflicting with Pluto….

Talk about balance in this Libra season…. Libra people are actually surrounded by imbalance situation, that’s how they learned that diplomatic skills! With transiting Sun in Libra, this will become our collective experience and experiment, we are to learn the lessons. There maybe significant changes, but we are progressing towards a better self. A final words for this post: change is painful, but it is more painful if we don’t change! So please check what you really want, after all we only live once on this planet in this body!