July - August 2018 Eclipse Season Forecast (3)

Here comes the third eclipse, which is happening on 11 August. This is the last eclipse for this year, and it is a partial solar eclipse, at 18 degree of Leo. Wonder if you have encounter anything after the last 2 eclipses, and we are having a new moon again. BUT, I'm asking you not to start anything immediately yet!

Leo is a fire fixed sign, it has the passion of fire and the stubborn-ness of fixed sign. It is famous of its egoistic, likes to be worshiped and attract attention. Its ruling planet is the Sun, so the Sun is now back home. We usually feel more expressive and more likely to show off during this period of time in the year. 


Leo is our ego, and the Sun is home when in Leo. But unfortunately things are no longer the same at home, there are so many things happening at the same time, so how should we deal with it? There are 7 planets retrograde at this time, including Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron. (You are right, Uranus is now retrograde). It feels like when you got home, you found many things left undone when you left the house, e.g. you forgot to turn off the tape, water is boiling, food left unpacked on the table and there are cockroaches... It is such a disastrous state! It is asking the Sun (i.e. you) to pay attention to things, or even make changes, but you don't know where to start. The Mercury retrograde conjunct the new moon this time, so we may feel we don't know how to express ourselves, many thoughts are running wild in our heads but our mouth is not splitting it out! 

Another thing that we need to pay attention to is that Uranus goes retragrade on 9th, from 2 degree Taurus, back to Aries and go direct again on 8 Jan 2019. As it goes retrograde at a time very close to the partial solar eclipse, we shall pay attention to it. Uranus is our revolutionary side, anything that we dare not do, dare not speak, dare not think will accumulate in us and one day it will explode! Besides Taurus represents value, we are reminded to re-think what is valuable to us, what must be kept and what must be thrown away. 

I think it is a great test to us as this star configuration is very rare: 

  • This time we are having a solar, lunar, solar eclipse, which is different from the last few years of lunar, solar, lunar; so we are reminded to look to the future instead of dumping old stuff this time;
  • New Moon conjunct North Node in Leo will only happen every 18 - 19 years, and Leo is our ego, so we are asked to manifest the way of life that we want/ dream of;
  • Uranus goes through all 12 signs in 84 years or so, so it was 80 more years ago that Uranus was in Taurus, unless you already live this long or it would be difficult to know what would happen to you during Uranus retrograde in Taurus. 

In total, this can be a test to the humankind, and to bring peace and happiness as a whole, we must work individually. I would suggest speak less and work more during this period. In particular while Mercury is in retrograde, and squaring Jupiter... we may feel like the more we speak, the more mistakes we make. Also, while there are so many planets retrograde, it is a time to look back, make a solid base, reflect on our main purpose/ goal. As I mentioned in the last weekly forecast, I believe it is a good time to plan rather than working on the plan. Personally I think it is better to start in the end of August, when Mercury and Mars go direct. (FYI, They are going direct on 20 Aug and 28 Aug respectively.)

Anyhow, I must stress that the universe always gives us support in a way - we still have the 2 benefics, i.e.Venus and Jupiter direct! Besides Venus is back to its another home, Libra, so it is quite strong in a way. Together with Jupiter in the obsessive Scorpio, I would say we are reminded to meet with someone we care about and stay present 100%. So, please drop your phone, and try to communicate and share with someone you love, like your partner/ spouse. 

Actually, this eclipse not only affect Leo, it also affect other fixed signs in a certain way, i.e. Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus. There is no grand cross in the sky but the planets located in these signs are playing a role: Leo is in the spotlight definitely, with the Sun, the Moon, Mercury and North Node in it; Jupiter is in Scorpio; Mars is in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. Please check if you have any personal planets in 15 - 23 degree of the fixed signs and which houses these fixed signs are located. Then you will know how this eclipse is affecting you. 

(Photos Credit: Google)