Astrology and tarot weekly forecasts for 5 Aug - 11 Aug 2018

This week most of the energy is a continuation from last week, and this weekend, on 11th, we will have our third eclipse, which I will further discuss in another post. 

This week before the eclipse, we will have 2 grand trine; Venus trine Mars; and Jupiter square the Sun and Mercury. 

Stormy weather will persist (Photo from: Google)

Stormy weather will persist (Photo from: Google)

What I mentioned last week will continue, as it is a long term revolution and thus won't be completed in just a few days. But this week I think Moon is the key, it will pass through Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and reach Virgo at the end of this week. It will then further communicate with many other planets, e.g. on 6th, the Moon will be in Gemini, meeting Venus (in Virgo) and Mars (in Aquarius), forming the Air grand trine. Technically it is not an air trine, as Venus is in Virgo, which is an Earth sign, but the planets are communicating. To me, the three of them are about love and preferences. Venus is of course related to love. Moon is our subconscious, it is what we need naturally, so how could we not love what we need? Mars is our desire and motivation, it is the carrot on the stick that drives us mad! But remember air is logical and objective, together with the stable character of earth, I think it is time for us to check what we really want? What is value of this thing that we want? And how to sustain it...

I also think that it is a good time to find out value, as Venus in Virgo, though is a fall position for Venus, but Virgo can help discriminate between options, and we would be able to pick the best, so it is a good time to make choices. Venus is actually also squaring Saturn in Capricorn this week, so we will be urged and even pushed to carry out what we planned. On the other hand, pay attention to Mars, which is currently retrograde, the carrot on the stick is at our butt, we cannot see it! So are you still willing to go down this same path if that's the case? Or we can consider turn around, go back and see what was the purpose of going certain direction. Mars is still squaring Uranus, so the process will be bumpy... Venus and Mars will dance together for a while, though Moon will only be a passerby for a day or two, but still it is a good time to reflect and have a reality check. 

Eclipses (Photo from: Google)

Eclipses (Photo from: Google)

Then on the 9th, Moon will meet with Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, forming the water grand trine. Water is related to our emotions, it is nurturing and a healing process. Sometimes I find that there are too much negativity among us, hope we can make use of this energy for cleansing, release the negative energy. I would suggest meditating this day or the day before, and get prepared for the new moon solar eclipse on 11th. 

Another thing that needs your attention is Jupiter squaring the Sun and Mercury, we may feel a little too much about ourselves, we may also being too optimistic and even bluff a lot. You know what to do and beware of the Mercury retrograde!

The energy is very unstable between eclipses, so what should we do? The best is to keep calm and reflect; while at the same time, embrace our lives, no matter it be good or bad. It is always more constructive to see what can be improved rather than complaining or feeling pity for ourselves. 

I got the following cards from the Thoth deck for this week:


Energy of the week: 3 of Wands

This card has Sun in Aries, also called Virtue. 3 is a balanced number, representing our physical body, mind and soul. We should see how we can take good care of ourselves. Sun is exalted in Aries, and the Sun is our ego, while in reality the Sun is in August in Leo, we are reminded to take care of ourselves. Then how? Being honest and truthful is the key, admit we have certain wants and carry out our plans according to moral standards. When our internal and external are aligned, we can reach our goals easily. 

Things to pay attention to: 8 of Swords

Jupiter in Gemini, also called interference. Jupiter is expansion, but Gemini is a splitting sign, like we are trying to punch at 2 different direction at one go. There are still many planets retrograde, at least we will have to wait until end of August, so I think it is time we explore the possibilities, and when the time comes, we can then go for it immediately. 

Things to learn: 10 of Disks

Mercury in Virgo, also called Wealth. Mercury is the ruling sign of Virgo, so it is home. Mercury also represents communication, trading and interactions, if we are able to control and make use of it, we can earn the money. Just like what is shown on the card, not only money we have, we have all the known planets (at that time), so we are required to make use of the resources we have in hand to make an abundant life! How are you going to use your resources then? 

In summary, the 3 cards are reminding us that life is abundant and abundance. We forgot our soul purpose and final goal after all the years of stress and comparing with others. Please go back to the origin and make use of the resources we were being given, to reach that abundant state!