Astrology and tarot weekly forecast for 26 Aug - 1 Sep 2018

(Special Announcement: Due to summer holiday, this forecast will be cut short, please accept our apologies)


Time flies and we are at the last week of August. Compare with last few weeks, we had eclipses and retrograde planets, causing tension in the air. This week we are welcoming a more relaxing time, where the eclipse season is completed for this year and Mercury and Mars go direct! So by the end of this week, there will only 5 planets retrograde - Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron. Maybe you can already feel that things got smoother. Another thing to note for this week is the full moon happening on 26th, at 3 degree of Pisces. The Earth Trine happened last week will keep continuing, (if you are interested, please refer to my last blog post), so this is a very good time for us to solidify and build our foundations.

The full moon happening on the 26th represents an end to somethings. Though there is no eclipse this time, there is a kite shape formed in the sky, which means something of karma or fate. A kite is composed of 3 different forms of aspects: (i) a grand trine, with 120 degree on each side; (ii) a small triangle, one 120 degree aspect and two 60 degree aspect; (iii) an opposition. For the grand trine, we have the Sun, Saturn and Uranus in different points; Moon, Saturn and Uranus in the small triangle; and the Sun and the Moon opposing each other. I feel that it is a fight between one self and the world, but the result will be positive in long-term, for the grand trine is of Earth element, it is something to be sustained. To a certain extent, it is time for us to consider how we can understand ourselves more, but at the same time sacrifice our needs to contribute to the world in the long term.

While we are having a full moon, we have 2 planets turning direct, seems like things will get smooth, especially for Aries and Scorpio people, like we have completed one stage and going to another stage. The planets that are direct are all personal planets, so it is like a sublimation - we are more able to stay calm in such a chaotic world. Maybe we have grown up after what we have gone through earlier? I hope our positive energy can affect people around us and then the world as a whole, to make it a better world. As a collective, as the outter planets are all in retrograde, there are still things to be reviewed and if needed, to be changed.

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