Astrology and tarot weekly forecast for 19 Aug - 25 Aug 2018

This week we are welcoming the earth grand trine, actually it started on the last day of last week, and will keep happening this week, with the Sun in Leo, Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus. Saturn and Uranus have been aspecting each other for a while, Saturn is at home in Capricorn, in its domicile position; while Uranus is in an uncomfortable place in Taurus, as Uranus is now grounded but it is supposed to be flying in the sky!


The relationship between Saturn and Uranus can be good and bad... Saturn represents tradition, structure, system; and Uranus is related to breaking the rules, jumping out of the box... but nevertheless they are both the ruling planet of Aquarius. (We are going into the Aquarius Ascension Age, so maybe it is the right time to build a solid ground?) I find it difficult to accurately predict when these two planets are involved, as they are so different and Uranus gives surprises and unexpectedness. Fortunately we are having a trine, I think it is a time to make use of their positive sides.

For example,  Saturn means stable, self-discipline, systemetic, this type of energy is resonating with Capricorn and Taurus (where Uranus is currently in), it is definitely a time to stablize issues. However, though it is a trine position, which is positive; don't forget that Saturn gives difficulties and restrictions. The thing I want to stress here though, is we are asked to be persistent and have self-discipline, there must be result and return in the future - the learning to overcome difficulties is a lesson and opportunity to grow. 

On the other hand, Uranus is about innovation, anti-tradition, it also included all the electronics and computers. When Uranus is in a sign that represents resources and value, i.e. Taurus, seems we are supposed to revolutionize our self-value or resources that we own. Please pay attention to where the transiting Uranus is in your own natal chart, this will represent the area in your life that needs to be changed. But overall, I would say we may consider using electronics or Internet or technology to further develop new resources and build our value. 

The above prediction can be confusing or you will need time to digest. But let me tell you one more thing, the Sun will be involved, so obviously we will need our creativity and explore our potentials. Actually, according to quantum physics, there is unlimited possibilities in our universe, if you have the right approach, the universe can give you strong support. So don't worry about failure (as you will!); what you have learnt from the process and the final result are more important here!

I got the following cards from the Thoth deck for this week:

Energy of the week: Prince of Disks

Disks are earth element, this prince is stable in character with clear mission and goal, he is patient and well-planned. Earth is related to resources, so we are asked to use our resources to reach our goals. Also, earth can be about responsibilities, so we are asked to take responsibilities of our lives. The difference between prince and knights in the court cards is prince gives an immature feeling, there are still uncertainties, so we can make use our creativity in forming the solution. 

Things to pay attention to: #20 The Aeon

This is equivalent to Judgement in Rider-Waite tarot deck, both of these cards means cycle or karma, i.e. you reap what you sow. It is not purely about what we did or have done, but we must learn from it, progress and grow so as to proceed to another stage of life. So be careful with your choices, consider the consequences before you pick. 

Things to learn: #19 The Sun

The Sun is also included in this grand trine, personally I think it is the trigger point, as Saturn and Uranus has been involved for a period of time. As I said Saturn and Uranus are so different that it would be difficult to balance, but with the Sun, we are encouraged to use our creativity, use our heart to feel whether it is right or appropriate. Another sign is the Sun related to children, as I mentioned last week, we can get close to kids, be pure and be open to new things. 

To summarize, the Sun card appear again this week, try to think of what the Sun means to you, what it represents, e.g. creativity? Potential? What we want inside? Something pure? etc. And there are again 2 major arcana cards in the reading, so this time is an important time to build a solid foundation. 

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