Astrology and tarot weekly forecast for 12 Aug - 18 Aug 2018

Another week has past, not only we have the first half of 2018, but also the eclipse season! Anything happened to you my friend? 

After this eclipse season, we are going to have a short 'break' this week, I use the quote because this is not truly a break, its more like a truce, especially when the aspects involve outer planets, it takes longer and after the exciting eclipse, we will have to stabilize the energy. With Moon goes the fastest, it helps form most of the main aspects, such as grand trine or grand cross. This week, the Moon will go through Virgo, Libra and Scorpio. 


On 12th, the Moon is in Virgo, it forms an earth grand trine with Saturn and Uranus. Earth element is about stabilizing and sustaining, so we are reminded to make a solid foundation. I believe sustainability is the keyword here: 

  1. Most of the main aspects are long term as outer planets are involved, these aspects has been formed for almost 3 weeks and are still continuing, such as Neptune and Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn;
  2. The effect of eclipses will last longer than normal new moon or full moon, it takes at least months to manifest; 
  3. Earth grand trine happened immediately after the partial solar eclipse! And on 18th, the Sun in Leo will replace the Moon and form the grand trine again. Technically this is not an earth grand trine, but it is more like having the thoughts up from subconscious to our conscious mind. So please try to get clear of what you want! 

All these are about long-term planning or a long-term fight! Leo is definitely our focus this month, and it is not only about our ego, but also represent children. With so many planets retrograde, we may want to re-visit our inner child, listen to him/her and see what was our childhood dream? What can we do for this inner child? Can it be developed into a long-term things? 

Another aspects to note is happening on 14th, when Moon is joining Venus, while squaring Saturn and opposing Chiron. This, I believe, is a healing time. There maybe times when we were rejected that causes us to feel low or even small. This feeling may subside very soon, but it can be deep inside us that when it is stirred up, we may act in a way that surprises everyone, including ourselves! So we are asked to acknowledge such feeling, accept and let go of it. Everyone has the chance of being rejected, but that doesn't mean we are useless or value-less, we just happened to appear at the wrong time... 

I got the following cards from the Thoth deck for this week:

Energy of the week: #19 The Sun

The Sun rules the Sun card from the Major Arcana. There are children in it, which is exactly what I said above, that we need to listen to our inner child. If you have children, you should also take reference of their opinion. The Sun rise in the east and fall in the west every day, so it represents the energy of renewal. Also, the Sun is the brightest star in our solar system, it gives warmth and light, so it represents life as well. Well... Life is only a cycle, there is growth and there is death, the Sun is the aspect of growth. 

Things to pay attention to: #13 Death

This card is exactly the opposite of the Sun card, Death card represents the end, but it is some kind of purging, and afterwards the ground will be full of nutrition and become a good foundation for later growth. It is a transformation process, know thyself, understand what you really want and need, and let go of those that is useless to you. It is a process of clearing some space for future things or people that are more suitable for you. 

Things to learn: 5 of Swords

Venus in Aquarius, also named Defeat. Swords are from air element and also means fights and conflicts. But this is more internal. In order to re-built something new, we have to demolish those old things, but when these old things become a habit, it is really difficult to clear them out, causing internal struggle and uncertainties. Another issue I think of is that we are suppose to love ourselves no matter how weird we can be. This is still part of us! Try to be kids, look at the world with pure curiosity and use our creativity to make our lives better. 

Two major arcana card, so there are a lot of things for us to learn! In summary, I think the energy of transformation is still in the air, but it is very internal as there are 7 planets in retrograde. When we can change inside, the outer world will change accordingly. 

(Photos Credit: Google)