July - August 2018 Eclipse Season Forecasts (1)

Here comes the eclipse season again, this year we have 3 eclipses and I am going to share with you my forecasts in 3 sessions.

The first one coming up is happening on 13 July 2018 (I am in Hong Kong, so the time maybe different in your country), at 20 degree of Cancer. This time is a solar eclipse. Solar eclipse is a new moon, and with a special angle, the alignment of the Sun, the Moon and Earth, we can see the Moon blocking the Sun. In astrological terms, every time the Sun, the Moon and the North Node conjunct, we will have solar/ lunar eclipse. This time the conjunction between the Sun and Moon and the North Node is not very close, so we only have a partial solar eclipse. In general the energy of new moon or a full moon lasts from 2 weeks to 3 months, but this time, together with the energy of North Node, the energy will be on 'steroid' and lasts for years. 


Personally, I think this partial solar eclipse is very much related to perseverance and stubborn-ness:

First, this is an eclipse, as said there is a conjunction with the North Node. North node is neither a planet nor a star, it is the conjunction of the crossing of the orbit of earth around the Sun and the Moon around the Earth. In legend, it is the dragon's head (the body is represented by South Node), as it has no body, it will never feel full. So this means our stubborn-ness towards certain things, like we would never have enough of it. 


Second, this eclipse is happening in Cancer. Cancer is a water element sign, representing the lakes. Its ruling planet is the Moon. Water cannot be kept still and the Moon wane and wax, that's why Cancer can be very sentimental and moody. Crab has a hard shell and two claws, so it is very protective towards himself or anything that he likes, he can be very attached to things because this gives him comfort. Obviously there is a comfort zone around him, surrounded by things and people he knows. 

Third, this eclipse is right opposite to Pluto, both at 20 degree. Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio, which is the synonym of attachment and possessiveness. 

As mentioned in my other blog post, life is a cycle, there is perseverance and let go. Especially when it is opposing Pluto. Pluto is the planet that will dig up the truth, it hates lies. So we are reminded to look at things, to check if the things that we are so attached to is doing us good. Otherwise, wouldn't it be a good option to let go, even if the process is so painful? 

While at the same time we have many planets going retrograde (5 of them including Chiron), we are here to review, to re-evaluate if we are doing good. We may even feel frustrated while attempting so many times but still fail. So let's check if we are using the wrong approach? Every method shall have room to improve. 

It maybe difficult, or even horrifying to some people to change, to jump out of your comfort zone, but tthere are 3 good aspects that are helping us here: (i) The grand trine in earth element; (2) a trine with Neptune; and (3) Jupiter, the great benefic going direct!

From left to right: Hades (Pluto); Zeus (Jupiter); Poseidon (Neptune) all have a role to play in this Eclipse!

From left to right: Hades (Pluto); Zeus (Jupiter); Poseidon (Neptune) all have a role to play in this Eclipse!

The grand trine in Earth element is composed of Venus in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. Earth element is a grounding element, anything that can be touched and valuable is represented by earth. So I think having some real and material change is the key here, not just sit here and think or plan, you will have to carry out the plan! Neptune is a very spiritual and intuitive planet, so it is asking us to look inside, feel with our heart, it will lead the right way in such a noisy world. The last one Jupiter going direct. Jupiter is the great benefic, representing our believes and dreams, so with it going direct, it would definitely be easier for us to take actions. 

Life is full of challenges and tests, the great thing about learning astrology is we can find out the key to solve or overcome these challenges and tests. I can see there are always opportunities and solutions, the only question is whether we know where to find it and to use it. 

So my sharing for this eclipse will stop here, next coming up is a Total Lunar Eclipse happening on 28 July 2018. Stay tuned!

(Photo Credit: Google)