Astrology and tarot weekly forecast for 8 Jul - 14 July 2018

This week we continue what happened in last week - the grand cross in earth and the grand trine in water. These energies have been lasted for a while, so this week may have the greatest push and pull for us or there is an expectation of a new beginning. So happened there is a New Moon in Cancer, also a partial solar eclipse, so please pay attention to any natal planet or cusps that begins on 20 degree, as there will be some changes in these areas. (If you are interested in my partial solar eclipse analysis, please click here. And if you want to find out your own natal chart, please go to


Personally, other than the urgency to transform due to this Eclipse is opposing Pluto, there are quite a lot of support. First is the grand trine in water signs that lasted for weeks; the Sun is trining Neptune and Venus is trining Saturn. The trine between Venus and Saturn will later join Uranus in Taurus to form a grand trine in Earth signs. 

To summarize the signs in the sky, I think it is time for us to come back to earth, to carry out the necessary actions after we have released negative emotions. We will have to pay attention to our heart, how we feel and what our intuition tells us as Neptune is involved, maybe our deamon is communicating with us and trying to point us a right direction and approach! Also, with Venus in Virgo trining Saturn in Capricorn, maybe some of you is considering making a commitment or thinking of getting married too, so get well-prepared! 

I have the following cards for this week: 

Energy of the week: 5 of Swords

This card is called defeat, with Venus in Aquarius. Aquarius is famous for its out-of-the-box thinking, easy to accept new things and peace loving, which is in line with Venus. But this card also means trouble, or even the darkest time of all. In such a critical moment, strong resistance may not be the most efficient way; rather using some kind of out-of-the-box or even 'weird'. diplomatic approach may lead to some kind of break-through. The most important thing is to open your heart, try to think and accept new solutions may lead to a different result. 

Things to pay attention to: 5 of Wands

Also named Strife, with Saturn in Leo. Leo likes to gain attention, but Saturn will limit its passion. In order to get the passion Leo wants, he will get annoyed or uncomfortable, even may act like a volcano eruption! So conflict cannot be avoided... but take a step back, we all want to be praised, this maybe the attention we want. So be grateful and be thankful, things may go easier to a certain extent. 

Things to learn: 9 of Wands

Named Strength, with Moon in Sagittarius. Sag is a sign with high believes, it is very idealistic; once he found the goal, he will work towards it. Moon wanes and waxes, so different approach is available. This is exactly working in concert with the 5 of Swords, open your heart, try different new approaches, think from different aspects. Our flexibility can be our assets! 

There are 2 number five cards in this reading, 5 represents conflict, this makes me think of the retrograding Mars, which this week it will exactly square Uranus, we will be irritated or agitated... if there is bad aspects in one's natal chart, there maybe accident or physical fight, but as I mentioned in my eclipse forecast, we have to change, to let go of our attachments or bad habits. Hope you have a nice week. 

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