Astrology and tarot weekly forecasts for 29 July - 4 August 2018

Wonder if you felt anything before, during or after the total lunar eclipse? Personally I got sick and it so happened that this eclipse is happening on my 6th house and 12th house. 6th house rules health and daily operation, so I guess it is a signal from the universe asking me to release all my negative energy and pressure. I'm sure I will be more positive and lighter afterwards!

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Source from Google

This week we are going to continue the energy from the lunar eclipse, with the Sun conjunct North Node, opposing Mars, together with Uranus in Taurus, they form a t-Square.

The Sun is back to his throne in Leo where he will be praised, while North Node is right next to it will make the Sun even more egoistic. But since Mars is opposing it, we will be challenged. Those things that we thought was part of us or things that we thought was right, will no longer stand or need to be changed. This process is difficult, or even overwhelming... think about it... King is back to his kingdom (Sun going back to Leo), he finds that things in his kingdom is no longer the same, its like the fairy tale is falling apart (Venus opposing Neptune); soldiers are not taking his instruction (Mars retrograde); currency policy needs to reform (Uranus in Taurus); government structure is fine but not operating very well (Saturn retrograde in Capricorn); even his own speech is not communicating very well (Mercury retrograde). Everything needs to be handled and taken care for.

So I would recommend making use of this month, when Sun is in Leo, find our true self, design and even build a new structure / system that is more suitable and appropriate! 

I am quite excited of what will be changed (or what is in the process of change), this is a process of transformation, to grow to be a a better us on a more solid ground. But ironically, humans got scared by bad stuff easily, because the process is so unhappy, which is easier to remember. (No worry, this is built in our genes to avoid danger, but just it is some kind of hindrance to grow in this situation). Not to mention, this time will be particularly more difficult, it is like a hard push in the back, because it is about the Sun and your whole kingdom! With that said, it means we don't pay much attention to good aspects, especially trines, because this type of energy is so natural that  it happens without you noticing it. My point is there is always the support we need, just not easy to notice: 

  • Jupiter trine Neptune
    Jupiter in Scoprio, Neptune in Pisces, 2 spiritual planets in 2 water signs, it is a great time for healing! (Check out where these planets are in your own natal chart to find out what is healed.)
  • Saturn trine Uranus
    Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus, 2 very different energy in the earth signs. One represents structure and love stable system; one is to destroy old traditional structure for a new one. I would bet the current system has reached a pivotal point, change from more than one aspects is needed. Nevertheless, it is a trine, so things will be natural and easy. 
  • Venus trine Pluto first, then Mars
    The small benefic meets the 2 montsers! But remember it is a trine, so it may be a good thing, reminding us to LOVE, love the people who has bee badaXX to us, or love the situation that makes us stronger and tougher!

I got the following cards from the Thoth deck for this week:

Energy of the week: 9 of Swords
Mars in Gemini, also called Cruelty. The name is already scary, the picture is even more horrifying, with 9 swords dripping blood. During this Mercury retrograde season (Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini), I think this card is a reminder of our words, or the way we present it. Especially with Mercury in Leo, which is a sign very me, me, me, we speak from OUR viewpoint without listening to others. So we are reminded to listen, communication is two-way, please make use of the soft skills (strength of the wind element) to communicate. 

Things to pay attention to: Prince of Cups
This prince is from the cups but he is the wind in water, so he has the character of wind. I would say some feelings is growing fast within us this week. As this prince has both water and wind element, he is innovative. Also, he is represented by Scorpio, so there is a pure desire within him. We should learn from him, find out what we truly want and just do it!

Things to learn: 7 of Swords
Moon in Aquarius, also called Futility. The sensual Moon fell into the logical Aquarius, the two different pole (heart and mind) will pull us apart, we won't be able to focus... just like the king mentioned above, we find a lot of tasks that need our attention and this stresses us. My recommendation is to be present, only if we can handle things one by one then we can have less pressure in this overwhelming situation. However, we cannot take short cuts nor delegate to others this time, because they would not know what exact we want! 

3 cards are related to wind element, so there will be conflict, only if we can make use of our logical mind then we can resolve issues.