Astrology and tarot weekly forecast for 22 July - 28 July 2018

This week we are welcoming 2 special events: Total Lunar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde. I will share my view in another blog post about Total Lunar Eclipse. 

But regarding this week, I think it is the beginning of destroy and re-built. We will first start with the Sun opposing Mars, at the same time squaring Uranus. These are 2 negative aspects, so we will feel some kind of challenges, frustration or emotional; where this type of challenges maybe related to individual and the collective. The retrograde Mars conjunct the South Node. South Node is related to something we knew or familiar with; at the same time full moon means an ending, so there maybe an abrupt ending on things? No matter what, let go of those that no longer serve you. I think days around 28th will be the peak of the story. 

Retrograde meanings 

Retrograde meanings 

As said, another special event is Mercury going retrograde on 27th till 19th August, in Leo. Mercury represents transportation and exchange of communication. Transportation can be very wide, other than the vehicles we ride on daily, it can be as small as an elevator or escalator. Exchange of communication can be as simple as daily email exchange, to terms in legal documents. That's why Mercury retrograde as such a bad reputation, because things just won't go easy for you and will require you to re-do! Another thing is Leo represents drama, that's why Leo people bears the dramatic character in their blood. They tend to tell things in a dramatic style too, which makes you feel that things are worsening or things are already in a bad state. In order to cope with it, we have to get well prepared, on one hand, we will need to look at things carefully; on the other hand, we have to keep cool, don't get scared by the Leo dramatic style! Actually, this makes me think of the movie - After Earth, is fear real? what is it? Why we fear 'fear'? "Danger is real, but fear is a choice."

Moon will pass by Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and enter Aquarius at the end of the week. If you are interested to plan your week according to Moon, you can also refer to my other blog post - 3 ways to plan your month using the Moon

I have the following Thoth cards for the week: 

Energy of the week: 7 Chariot

Cancer rules the Chariot card, which I think makes a lot of sense to have it here for the week. Firstly because the Sun moves from Cancer to Leo, whenever a planet, moves from water sign to fire sign, which causes a lot of steam, can magnify the insecurity and emotional feelings in people as a collective. So remember to stay cool. 

Chariot is an interesting card, Chariot gives an impression of aggressiveness and can be destructive. But Crab and Cancer on the other hand is very protective and won't attack unless it is pushed to the corner. Even if it attacks, it is to protect certain things that it is attached to. We can see that the charioteer is not controlling the chariot with his hands, rather he uses his heart. So we are reminded to have our body and soul aligned so as to make things work. 

Things to pay attention to: Knight of Swords

Swords belong to the wind element, i.e. conflict. Its like having Mars in Aquarius, we have to evaluate whether our action or subconscious had been too impulsive or too immobile. Either side, we need to be cautious and decisive when solving the upcoming issues. 

Things to learn: 3 of Cups

Also called Abundance, having Mercury in Cancer. Its Cancer again! So emotions is something we need to pay close attention to. Cancer is ying, it can be very protective, but it is from the Cardinal group, so it can still create. So while we are communicating with others, we have to learn passive assertiveness, constructing things in a gentle way. 

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