Astrology and tarot weekly forecast for 15 Jul - 21 Jul 2018

We just had our partial solar eclipse, wonder if you can feel the energy. I want to stress again that this last eclipse is right opposite to Pluto, so our darkest side, darkest desires will come to the surface and make us face it. This is the chance that we can  transform and become a better self, otherwise we will be stuck in a spiral, repeating the old experience again and again.... As said, the effect of eclipse will last usually for years, this will be a long struggle. 

Coming to this week, we have: 

  • The Sun is still opposing Pluto
    Though the new moon has ended, the Sun is still opposing Pluto, so I would say we may still feel the 'threats' from our darkest side. It is a detox process, so are you willing to face it? 
  • We have a grand trine in earth signs, with Venus in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus
    This appeared in the end of last week but will disappear by the end of this week. Uranus in Taurus is a very uncomfortable position. Uranus is always flying in the sky, never touch the ground; but, Taurus is an earth sign, very grounding and down to earth. Uranus will feel very constraint and limited in Taurus. Venus is the depositor of Uranus, and currently in its weakest place, in Virgo. Venus can be self-less in terms of love giving, but Virgo will makes it criticizing and calculative. While at the same time Venus is opposing Neptune this week, we will see the thing which we used to think was good is just an illusion. 

    Think about it, we are only human, we need to take care of ourselves, we need to make a living, there is no escape even though the environment makes us very uncomfortable.
  • The Moon will go through 4 different signs and make good aspect of trine to different planets
    The Moon will first go to Virgo and trine Pluto, then goes to Libra and trine Mars. This is the moment when we want to make changes. Then later it will conjunct the great benefic - Jupiter, at the same time trine to Neptune and sextile to Venus. These are all good aspects, I think the Universe wants us to feel a bit better while continue with this detoxing process, by using the Moon as a sweetener. The Moon represents our subconscious and natural needs, with the good aspects cause us to accept changes. However, remember that this change won't be this easy, as the Moon goes fast and it will make bad aspects afterwards. We will have to put in some effort if we really want to transform. 

I have the following cards for this week: 

From left to right: Ace of Swords; 3 of Wands; Ace of Wands

From left to right: Ace of Swords; 3 of Wands; Ace of Wands

Energy of the week: Ace of Swords

Swords represents justice (just like the Goddess of Justice in the Court of Final Appeal in HK, she is holding a sword), so we are reminded to check what is right and wrong, we are here to do good for the collective. But on individual level, with the first card from the sword deck, it means beginning. On the other hand, sword is from the wind element, so this card represents new and/or original thoughts. As shown in the card, where a sword is so clear and sharp in the clouds, it is the time of having a clear understanding or a sudden 'aha' moment. 

Things to pay attention to: 3 of Wands

Also named Virtue, with the Sun in Aries. The Sun likes staying in Aries, it is a strong position for the Sun. The Sun is passionate and bright, it has nothing to hide, so we are reminded to stay true to our believes and act upon it. But be careful, when one is so high profile, he will attract enemies. So will you uphold your value or to go with the crowd in such situation? This card is in line with the Ace of Swords, to act good for the collective. 

Things to learn: Ace of Wands

This card is very similar to the Ace of Swords, both are Aces and represents new beginning. The difference is Swords are from wind element, so mainly related to thoughts and no real action; whereas Wands are from fire element, it is about action. Some people may find fire elements too impulsive, but you never try, you never know, we can even learn while we are trying. Personally I like fire better than wind. Even if you fail, you can always try again. 

Two Aces and two Wand cards. This is exactly answering the partial solar eclipse happened last week, and this is a detoxing process, leave those old things that no longer serve you and build something that is more constructive for the new stage. Note that although aces mean beginnings, things are not yet settled, there is only a direction. So please make use of the fire energy, take action and build a solid foundation from experience. 

We have been talking about transformation a lot in the past few days, but how? Please check your natal chart and see where did the eclipse happened, in which house, or you can reference to my last blog post. But of course, the best thing is to have an astrologer explaining your chart.