Astrology and tarot weekly forecast for 1 Jul - 7 Jul 2018

This week we continue the busy-ness from last week, with mostly opposition and squares in the sky. The Sun continuously opposing Saturn, i.e. 180 degree, and Mercury is also opposing Mars. While at the same time Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus formed a grand cross in the sky, signifying things are not completed. Good thing is the Grand Trine in water element still persists, just one planet changed from Mercury in last week to the Sun this week. So I would say it is a time to learn how to express ourselves properly during the Mars Retrograde season. 


We are still going through a period of bumpy time, what we started earlier may not be smooth yet. The bad thing of this week is the grand cross. Put it simply, 4 stars or more formed a square shape in the sky, this is a difficult position for energy to flow smoothly and thus means any difficulties will need our hard work to overcome. This grand cross is formed by Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus in Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus respectively. These are all fixed signs, their characteristics are stubborn, stable and not very adaptable. It is definitely a good time to continue our work! 

As said, there is still the grand trine this week, with the Sun in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. As mentioned last week it is a healing process, wonder if you can feel it... this week we will continue this process, but as the Sun replaced Mercury, this week will be about how to express ourselves without too much aggressiveness and hurting others, especially that Mercury is opposing the retragrade Mars.

I got the following cards from the Thoth deck for this week: 

Energy of the week: 4 of Cups

Also called Luxury, represented by Moon in Cancer. Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer, so the Moon is at home, where it is the strongest. Sounds good, no? Unfortunately it represents some kind of break-down and instability is coming soon. No matter what, life is a cycle, ups and down, together-ness and separation. This card is to remind us to live at and in the moment, stay present, whether it is good times or bad times, it is a good time for us to learn to reflect and prepare for coming tests. 

This card also reminds us about the healing process of the grand trine, water must flow in order to purify, where energy also must flow. When we talk about Quabalah, this card belongs to the 4th Sephiroth - Chesed, which represents compassion and the materialization process. I believe it is a time for us to open our hearts, express ourselves; even though this would lead to vulnerability and even people may want to stop us. But once we released any negative energy, we will feel easier and be more able to live in the present moment. 

Things to pay attention to: Princess of Disk

This is the earth in earth, maybe you didn't know, this princess is actually pregnant! So there are infinite possibilities, what 'baby' will she give birth to? 

Our time can help us accomplish a lot of things, the key is what do we want and how we make use of our time. In line with our last card above, it is time for us to move forward once we released any negative feelings or energies. What do you want to create? 

Court cards usually describe personalities, and we all have our dark side. The dark side of this card is wasteful. If we do not know the resources that we own, we will miss the chance of making use of these resources; or become too dependent and passive. 

Things to learn: Queen of Disk

Representing 20 degree of Sagittarius - 20 degree of Capricorn

This is water in Earth. Earth is stable, just like the grand cross I mentioned which happening in fixed signs. While at the same time there is a grand trine in water elements, seems to me this card is very important for the week...

She is the mother of all elements, she has the water to create and the earth to materialize things. But she does not have air and fire elements, so she can be too emotional, and lack of logical thoughts. Is it just the same as how people act during retrograde Mars season? So please remember, be conscious about our thoughts and actions.

In general, there are quite a lot of earth elements, which is quite fixed and persistent. Please check what resources you have in hand and make use of it to create an environment or future that you like.