Astrology and tarot weekly forecast for 23 - 29 June

This week the sky is full of opposition and squares, Venus is opposing (180 degree) Mars, and they form a square (90 degree) with Moon and Jupiter. Sun is opposing Saturn; Mercury is opposing Pluto, etc. Good thing is Mercury, Neptune and Jupiter are forming a grand trine in the water element, so their position in your natal chart maybe the key to solve things. The greatest issues happening this week is Mars going retrograde and full Moon in Capricorn. 

Source from Google

Source from Google

Maybe I should translate into English... there are many activities going on in the sky, as above, so below, there will be many things happening on Earth too. Things will not happen smoothly, but if you are willing to work diligently and pay the price, even though the result is unknown, we can still find a new path or learn from the experience. There will be some kind of transformation in your knowledge. In the process, we need to make use of our knowledge, imagination and a little bit luck, then there maybe progress or a change of course. To a certain extent, it maybe a healing process to us too. 

I personally think it is very likely for people to feel indignant. Because the Sun is opposing Saturn, this gives a great limiting feeling, maybe just lack of confidence. While at the same time Mars is going retrograde, people with good temper will turn up side down and even irritated; to another extreme, people may feel like giving up! BUT, remember, this is exactly the time when we can see clearly what is going on! Maybe we used to hide things under the rug, but if we can make use of it, it will be a very good time to improve ourselves! 

I've drawn the following cards from my Thoth deck, hope we can have more insight of what is coming up in the week:

Energy of the week: Queen of Cups

It is representing 20 degree of Gemini to 20 degree of Cancer.

This is the card of water in water, like a mirage, things happened only due to reflection of our hearts, maybe true and maybe now, but who knows? No matter what, what we think is also our wishes, so if we want a positive result, please think positively!

Also, this is a creation process, to create the environment we want... don't forget, cups can also represent women's womb, creation of new life. This week is more like giving birth of a baby, when one will have to suffer a great pain. So, no pain no gain! 

Things to pay attention to: 10 of Wands

Also called Oppression, with Saturn in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a care-free sign, adventurous, going wherever he wants or doing whatever he likes. With the restricting Saturn here, you can feel how upset a Sagittarius can be. But Sagittarius is willing to sacrifice its ego for higher purpose. In order to do so, consciousness and willingness is stressed here. 

As mentioned above, people will be irritated or even indignant. So stay alert, find out 'why'. Why do you feel like this? Why did you react like this? Why is such a problem? etc. Another training for your consciousness is to find out what is really desired in your heart, what is the ultimate goal? 

Things to learn: Knight of Swords

Representing 20 degree of Taurus - 20 degree of Gemini

This is the fire in wind, full of motion and actions, but don't forget it is still of the wind element, so please think clearly and understand thoroughly the situation. 

Or it may imply things will happen in a very fast speed, of maybe due to a person's impatience. Keep cool is very important. Actually, the wing of the knight in this card pointing at 4 different directions represents ascension in different levels: mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. 

In summary, this week is a great time for developing our consciousness and even ascension. Try to find out where the grand trine is in your natal chart, and pay attention to your intentions, thoughts and action, together with appropriate action. Then it is a time for progressing forward in your life.