Element Deficiency and related healing

How to live a fulfilling life? I bet this question is very difficult and different to many people, but to me, the first step is to have inner peace and happiness, then we are ready to search for purpose. The four elements are the key to this inner peace. Take a look at the Major Arcana cards in the tarot, the first card is number 0, the fool, which represents a grand opening of our reincarnation. The first person he met is the Magician, who has all the tools, representing the 4 elements on his table for the work he needs. So my point is, if you want a fulfilling life, have a balanced 4 elements can definitely help. 

Rider Waite - The Fool 

Rider Waite - The Fool 

Rider Waite - The Magician

Rider Waite - The Magician

Last time I wrote my blog post about the four elements,  but that was from from us observing others. This time, let's see what we can do to heal ourselves. Of course as I said those missed elements can be given to us via our friends, family or spouses. But there are things we can do to heal ourselves. 

Water Deficiency
Water people has compassion, so without it, you will feel nothing. Not only they can't feel other's feeling, they won't be able to cry even when they are upset. To obtain more water, you will have to get close to water, go swimming, submerge yourselves in water and feel your skin when water is all over it. Or you can watch a love movie, observe and feel for yourselves, is it uncomfortable or sadness or any other feelings that is bugging you? 

Wind Deficiency
Wind is thoughts, ideas and communications, without it, people can hardly talk, things will be stuck in their heart. So in order to get more wind, one can try to write a journal, write anything, whatever comes up. There is no need to worry about hurting others no matter what you have written down. The main point is to have the thoughts out. 

Earth Deficiency
Earth is material and discipline, without this element will make things all over the place, clueless about life and confusing as things change very fast. So, to get more earth, having a good timetable is very important, and the most important thing is to stick to it no matter what. Another method is to have 10 - 20 minutes walking on a plain or grass plain, better somewhere with plants and trees. How does your feet feel?

Fire Deficiency
Fire means motivation, without fire, one will get cold and lazy, even have no temper or anger. So the solution is to move, go exercise no matter be swimming or dancing or gym. The main purpose is to move the body, release any pressure or negative energy no matter how small they are, otherwise, these people will get sick easily. 

It does not mean it is wrong to have missed any of the elements, and you may even feel comfortable without certain element. But as I said, if you want a fulfilling life, learn to embrace what you have and don't have can be a very important lesson. To proceed with understanding yourself more regarding which element you are lacking, please check out your natal chart

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This post was inspired by the book - The Missing Element: Inspiring Compassion for the Human Condition by Debra Silverman. If you are interested, please check it out.