Find your universe from the universe

We all have a birth time, if we take a snapshot at the sky right at this birth time, this will be our unique natal chart. Most of us know what is our sun sign, which is the most common knowledge for astrology, e.g. if you were born in August, you maybe a Leo; born in November, you maybe a Scorpio, etc. But as the saying "As above, so below", there are many planets other than the Sun in the sky, say, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, etc. That's why our lives are also very 'busy', with family, career, friends, love, etc. But have you ever wonder why you were born at this particular moment?

Some occultist believed that there is a 'spiritual contract' every time when we re-incarnate, the terms stated whom we are meeting, what things we have to face or deal with. And in order to make it more 'fun', you will forget what you have signed into... That's why some people believed in fate. Personally, although I think fate is a romantic concept, (think about it, you are destined to meet your lover, isn't it romantic?), I don't buy it, because it is our choice whether to learn from certain experience after meeting someone or face certain situation, or learn nothing and repeat the process. 

Let's say a person met a shitty boss, who treated him really bad and harassed him with his harsh words, he started to think all bosses are badass. That's why he decided to build his company with a harmonious culture especially for employees, his employees are so happy that they work hard and helped the company earned in a lot of money.. this is what this man learnt. 

Maybe this man is confident and he doesn't care what other says, or maybe he is optimistic naturally... of course we cannot expect all people are as positive as this man, some will definitely fall into the loop of negativity, complaining about life and losing self-esteem. BUT, I do believe we are empowered with something to face the difficulties we were given. That's when astrology comes in - we can find our natural strength from the natal chart. 

Take myself as an example, after understanding my own natal chart then I started to realize why I like to study UFO, astrology and myths; why I got attracted to people with strong Aries energy, etc. Idealistically, I may save a lot of time if I knew my natal chart 10 years earlier, I might have more stuff completed. 

So what is natal chart? It is our natural born configuration, and transit is the trigger to the terms that we agreed to in the spiritual contract, it is our choice to learn and obtain certain attitude. Astrologer is here to help you understand your own manual and get prepared.