Astrology 101: the four elements

In China, there are 5 elements – metal, wood, water, fire, earth; in western occult world, there are 4 – fire, earth, air, water, and they are further separated into ying and yang category. Ying is more feminine, more internal; Yang is masculine and external. 

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Basically all fortune telling in the west are based on these 4 elements, so I think if we can learn it as a foundation, we can easily understand other occult theories, e.g. astrology and tarot, etc. And to apply in our daily life, we can make use of it to understand ourselves better, and be more efficient in communicating with others.


Fire can be very aggressive, as it burns and destroys things, it definitely belongs to the yang category. Human with strong fire element won’t burn others, of course, but they are hot in terms of temper and impulse. (It also depends which planet you have fire element, women with Moon in Aries can indicate sexiness such as Angelina Jolie). Their motto maybe – ‘Just do it!’. Good thing is they have strong execution and willpower, they can start things easily.

Comparing to wind (another yang element) and water elements (a ying element), fire people express themselves in an obvious and strong way, so having progress in a project or things is a must. However, as they have little sensibility, the pathway to hell may paved with good intentions, or have poor endurance and stamina in completing things.

Fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius


Earth belongs to the ying category, so it is more internal. Earth is very practical, just like standing on a stable platform, you feel safe. It is also related to things that are material, financial or physical. People with strong earth element are modest and staid. They are very careful so they will plan or make use of structure to achieve their missions. They may also rely heavily on material things, e.g. money, as they think material things are important tool for them to reach a goal.

As they like being in control or the feel of stability, they may on the other hand, be restricted to the limitations they imposed on themselves, just like being grounded. My advice to them: adventure or pain can lead to growth. So try to learn more and widen your comfort zone.

Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Another yang sign among the four and even more unpredictable than the water element, because it is not only shapeless but also cannot be seen. It is related to thoughts as thoughts cannot be seen as well. However, comparing to people with a lot of water elements, people with more air elements are logical, they are the go-to person if you are looking for solutions, just be mindful that they are not empathetic.


As wind can blow at different directions, just like one’s mind can also be easily distracted. It can be exciting to talk to people with strong air, because the way they talk and the way they do things is bubbling and delightful; but sooner or later, you will find that they won’t be able to concentrate on one thing for a very long time. Also, they may have a lot of different ideas, but they lack execution power.

Air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Water is shapeless and change its shape according to the vehicle that holds it, it thus gives a gentle feeling. But if you can give it sufficient time, it can go through a rock or anything, this may indicate people with strong water element are stubborn to a certain extent. And due to its characteristics, water is related to emotions. So people with a lot of water elements can be emotional and sentimental, they may laugh at one second, then cry the next just because of a sad love song! BUT, they are very empathetic, they know exactly how you feel and they will cry with you.


Water belongs to the ying category, so these people tend to put a lot of things in their heart. The above emotional or sentimental (crazy) actions are only externally triggered but not internal. So these people are reminded to separate and distinguish which emotion is from within and which from outside and try to talk to people with positive energy in order to rejuvenate.

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Each sign has their own characters and they compensate each other. From my experience, most people may have 2 elements that are strong in their natal chart, rather than just one. But even if one of the elements is really strong in your natal chart, i.e. other elements are lacking relatively, nature will help you by giving you friends (or even a spouse) with these lacking energy! So life is teaching us to cooperate, not only people are helping you out when you needed, you can also take the chance to help them grow because you are what they lack in return!

Anyways, hope this help to pave the foundation for you to understand further other occult theories and if you are interested to know which element(s) in your natal chart is the strongest, you may email me and I will give you the answers with your natal chart. Or if you are interested to know thoroughly about your life using your natal chart, you can also book a consultation here.