Horary Case Analysis - Will I make money in the new business and if this career will prosper?

This was a question made by a friend on 13 Mar 2018 at 21:27. I will try to explain it without giving too much astrological terms as I think in horary analysis, the result or my prediction is more important to the Querent.)

Case Background

This friend recently left the interior design field and wanted to enter a business opportunity in China, which is about acting as an education agency. (Detail information about the business is not revealed here so as to protect his business.)




Let’s first clarify if this question is valid, so we look at the point of fortune and the Lord of the Day, which is at 19 Degree in Sagittarius in 2nd House (‘H2’); and Mars respectively. These proof that the question is valid because (i) the question is about money, the Point of Fortune is in 2nd House, which is the House of money and wealth; (ii) Mars is Tuesday’s Lord, which also matched the Ascendant of the question, i.e. Scorpio. With both of this information, we can proceed with the question.

(Source from google)

(Source from google)

With Scorpio as the rising sign of the chart, we found that Mars is in H2, so this is also a point telling us that the Querent is really thinking about money and he is working whole heartedly on this money issue. However, it is at 27 degree of Sagittarius. Within weeks Mars will enter Capricorn, by then he will have to change his attitude in making money. The degree of the Ascendant is at 3’51”, so it indicates that things are the very beginning, this is confirmed by my friend.

And since this question is about money, let’s look at the Lord of House 2 (L2) and Lord of House 8 (L8), which represents his own money and other people’s money respectively. Also, Venus as it represents money, which is located in Aries in House 5 (H5).

H2 is Sagittarius, so L2 is Jupiter; House 8 (H8) is Gemini, so L8 is Mercury. Interestingly, Jupiter is currently retrograding, and Mercury is going to retrograde very soon. This may indicate that the money he wants would not come easily. Venus rules house 7 (H7) and House 11 (H11), H7 may indicate his partnerships as well, and Venus is located in the 5th house (H5) in Aries. Though it is Aries, it is Pisces and Jupiter that rule this house. I would predict that his partner maybe a close friend, who is able to affect his finance in this project.  However, since Jupiter is retrograding, this friend may hesitate in joining him at this stage. I would guess only by mid-July, when Jupiter is no longer retrograde, this friend will confirm joining him or more willing to dedicate his/her time to the business.

Regarding Mercury, it will only be better after it retrograde in mid-April. I would say that his finance is only better after this period. Or it will only by then more income will come to him from this business. Interestingly, Mercury also rule H11 of the chart, so I would say that he would only be hopeful afterwards too. In modern astrology, H11 also represents friends, wonder if this is another hint that his circle of friends is playing a certain part in this issue. Another thing to note is that Venus was combusted by the Sun, i.e. staying too close to the Sun, which the Sun covered the light of Venus, so houses represented by Venus wouldn’t do good either, i.e. his partners. 

source from google

source from google

Regarding this career, we look at House 10 (H10) as it is the house representing career of a person. H10 is now in Leo, and thus Sun is the Lord of House 10 (L10), located in H5 of Pisces. Sun in H5 originally was a good thing, but in Pisces, this may indicate that there is something hidden or some kind of unknown in the career. So my friend may have to work hard to clear things up or to find out clearly the nature of this business. As I mentioned earlier that Mars is going to another sign soon, in Capricorn, this is an exalted place for Mars, so I would predict that he will then have to check the structure of the business opportunity and the way he make make money. 

Follow up:

I have presented my analysis to my friend, on 14th March. He is a person with strong Mars element in his natal chart, of course he wouldn’t listen much to my analysis. Or he is the type of person who will try his best to make things work. Interestingly, he does have one friend whom he would love to have him join investing in this business, but this friend rejected him! He managed to ask another friend and got the necessary fund before a tight deadline. 

Learning point:

Things may not go as smooth as one thought all the time, so it is good to ask an astrologer and get prepared. Just like my friend, he is asking this question to make see what is in the way and try his best to overcome it. Also, life can still be controlled by us if we want to. If you just sit here and do nothing, of course nothing will happen, but if you are willing to try your best, even though the result may not be as good as you thought, you will be happy that you tried your best.