Astrology forecast for 2 - 8 Dec 2018 - New Moon in Sagittarius

Time flies and it is already the last new moon for 2018! Are you happy with your progress this year? This new moon is happening in Sagittarius, so you can make wishes related to developing long-term goals or start something ideal. But be reminded that there will be a square with Mars and Neptune, so we will have to expect difficulties and obstacles when we try to reach our goals or start something… but bear with me… Mercury is going direct on 8th! So this is a little support as this will provide us a clear head to analyse things.


This coming new moon is happening on Friday (7th), at 15 degree of Sagittarius. Sagittarius, being one of the fire sign, of course has the characteristic of going forward, to find more, to know more; with Jupiter as its ruling planet, there is also the meaning of expansion and growth. It is quite a trick here when Mars and Neptune in Pisces conjunct and join the party by squaring the new moon. On one hand we will review whether things are going too much or over optimistic; on the other hand, we have the urge to go forward, to accomplish things.

Let’s break it down - Sun squaring Mars meaning we are rushing towards our goals and eager to carry out our plans, go in full speed, but with a squaring aspect, there will be stress and pressure. Sun squaring Neptune, this however, causes confusion instead of a clear goal like squaring Mars. So these are 2 very different energies, we maybe stuck, or even if we really know what to do, we may lack the energy to fight for it. And the Moon, squaring Mars may bring out our temper or trap our temper inside us, so we need to take care of our psychological health during this period. And squaring Neptune, we will become sensitive, or losing confidence and easily victimize ourselves. So you can see here… we want to go and we don’t want to go.


Actually, this maybe a good thing, as Jupiter has already entered Sagittarius and will stay here until the end of 2019. It is a time for great expansion and growth, everything is more, more, more. When things a too much or over, there will be imbalance. So a little bumpy during the new moon can be a training to us, besides, both Mars and Neptune are in Pisces, which is a sign about spirituality, so why don’t we make use of this energy flow to manifest and meditate? Let’s try the law of attraction. Also, checking that all the personal planets, i.e. Mercury, Venus and Mars all went retrograde and now direct this year. I believe it is a time for long term plan and growth; practicing Law of Attraction can be handy now.

We can pay attention to Mercury, as it is going direct in Scorpio, which is a sign about digging deep, finding the truth; Mercury is exactly trining Chiron and North Node during this new moon, so it maybe a hint that we are required to clear some old issues and make rooms for new things or new people.

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