First Astrology Analysis for 2019 - Partial solar eclipse in Capricorn

First of all, Merry Christmas and wonderful 2019!


We have a major event happening at the first week of January in 2019 - a partial solar eclipse is happening on 6 January at 9:28 am in Hong Kong. It is going to affect us for the coming one or one and a half year.

This eclipse is happening at 15 degree of in Capricorn, other than the Sun and the Moon, there are 3 more planets plus the South Node in Capricorn while this eclipse happens. So definitely Capricorn energy is very strong. In case your rising, Sun, Moon or stellium planets are in Caprcorn, it will be an important event to you. And If any of the above points or planets are located in earth signs of your natal chart, it can also be a positive thing. However, you may feel a great push or even pressure if your rising, Sun, Moon or stellium is in any Cardinal signs, i.e. Aries, Cancer or Libra. (There are different area(s) of life that need your attention and I will share more in my next blog post using tarot cards, afterall, #15 of the major arcana card is also related to Capricorn and Saturn!)


Goats, symbol of Capricorn, usually live on mountains and therefore they must carefully climb over mountains and cliffs in order to get food. In astrology, Capricorn represents our 10th house in our natal charts, which is our social status and the way we present to others, therefore, particularly related to career. Capricorn is an earth sign, and its ruling planet is Saturn. In traditional astrology, Saturn is a malefic as it means restrictions (Imagine its ring, like restricting its further expansion.) However, it can also be matured, disciplined and on time. That’s why people ruled by Saturn do give an image of reliable, practical but inflexible. They usually like or suitable to work in repetitive duties or things that relates to structures, such as administrative work or as a manager. With their help in building a solid foundation, we can grow and expand further.

On the first day of 2019, the Sun will conjunct Saturn. Every time the Sun conjunct a planet, it is like we need to review and evaluate certain things. The Sun is our souls’ purposes, it is like the King, ruling and giving orders in his land. And as it is so bright, it will cover any stars joining it, like there is a secret discussion inside the palace. This time, the Sun is joining Saturn, as it bears the energy of restriction, I would say Saturn is like the prime minister, who will ask the king to pay attention to many things; even not to play too much so as to focus on his work. So the conjunction of Saturn and the Sun is exactly like a manifestation of future plans, what to do in the following year, what has to be improved in the kingdom, etc. Interestingly, Pluto is also in Capricorn, so this re-structuring can be a massive one, where old or unnecessary things will be abolished to leave space for new things.


Another thing to note, although this is a new moon, representing new beginnings, and astrologers usually ask people to make new moon wishes using this type of energy. But this time I think things are a bit different because there is no wind element, most of them are in Earth instead. So we don’t have to think, we should adjust our course via experience and don’t be afraid of mistakes, we can learn from it! Further, Mars is going home, i.e. Aries, on 2 Jan. We will be motivated to take actions and we act fast. But be mindful, Mercury will square Mars during this eclipse period, so we need to be careful if we will burst out on others, especially when someone is disturbing our thoughts…

Saturn maybe a malefic, giving us pressure and stress, but if we can make good use of it, i.e. be disciplined and acknowledge the thirst to go after what we want; we don’t really need willpower to drive us forward. That’s the pros of learning astrology, to make use of the energy and plan for the future.

(Photos Credit: Google)