Get Ready for 2019!

Finally we are at the end of 2018, how was your 2018? Happy with what you have accomplished? Or still in the process of reaching your goal? We will first have a Total Solar Eclipse in Jan 2019, but before that, we have a small period of breathing time astrologically. So how about we look at the tarot for 2019 at this final week of 2018?

The 12th major arcana card - The Hanged Man, is the representing card for 2019 (2+0+1+9 = 12), with Water, Sagittarius and Neptune as its ruling element, sign and planet respectively.


Imagine you are hanged upside down, how would the world look to you? The familiar environment we are in will become distorted; the faces we know will become weird. That’s the lesson from this card, we are asked to look at things from a different angle, or approach issues with a totally different approach.

The water element is Yin nature, something within us, such as emotions and intuition. So Intuition can be our guide sometimes. Our subconscious is working 24/7 and it knows a lot more than we thought we knew, but the key is we have to find the serenity to make a good conversation with it. If we can do so, we can find a lot more that has not been discovered.

Sagittarius, the sign with goals, it wants to move forward so as to reach the final destination. But Sagittarius is different from the other 2 fire sign, namely Aries and Leo, that Sagittarius is willing to make reference to other people’s opinion, be it from a face-to-face discussion or via books. So I think we should learn from Sagittarius that we can always make reference and check if it is the right direction that we are heading to.

Neptune, a planet with no boundaries and illusions, the only way to control this energy is not to control it. Let go and go with the flow. If you have ever swim in the ocean, you will find it difficult to move forward due to strong flow, but if you are willing to follow the trend, and let the ocean take you, you will find a lot of interesting things along the way and sometimes even reach our goal without you knowing it!

Learn to use a totally different approach or to let go takes time, we need to be patient or even stop and check our compass. It would be good to observe before we make a decision or take actions, check what we exactly want, or we maybe lost in the way.

Finally, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and wonderful 2019!

(Photo Credit: Google)