2018 Jupiter in Sagittarius and forecasts for 12 signs

Jupiter is the great benefic in the sky, it is a big event for astrologers everytime it changes sign. There is no exception for this year and we are so expecting this to happen this year, because Jupiter is going back to its home sign - Sagittarius! As I said, Jupiter is the great beneifc and when it is home, its effect is much more obvious, so I would say it is a good year. At the same time, I am a little confused writing this blog post because I have a lot of things in my head, just like Jupiter, expanding and flooded by information… (lol)


Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system, it also has the largest number of moons, so it represents expansion, increment and growth. Actually, anything that is ‘more’, ‘big’, ‘wide’ can be its adjectives. Sagittarius, is represented by the Centaurs. According to the Greek legend, Centaur is a mythical creature with upper half as human and the lower half as horse. This creature lives in groups, they like socializing and very intelligent. So Sagittarians also has similar prototype as the Centaurs, they like socializing with friends, venturing around. Some people may find them nosy, but they just want to develop their own philosophical theory in this venturing journey.

If you know astrology, you will know that astrology is all about cycle, as all planets go around the 12 signs, and after a certain period of time, they will go back to a certain sign. For Jupiter, it is going to stay in Sagittarius for 13 months, from 9 Nov 2018 till 3 Dec 2019. Last time was in 2006 - 2007 when Jupiter was in Sagittarius. Thus I would strongly recommend you make reference and check what happened back then, especially if you have any planets in Sagittarius in your natal chart. In 2006 - 2007, when Jupiter went into Sagittarius, Pluto was also there too. Pluto is related to the energy of transformation, so we might find a lot of changes happened in that year; together with Jupiter which bear the energy of expansion; their collision will cause a lot of change and transformation, it was like a big push in the back forcing you to face all these changes and you wouldn’t be able to rest.

In 2018, Pluto is now in Capricorn, our feelings will no longer be the same, as we learnt something 12 years ago and grew from the lessons learnt, we will look at things from different angle and feel differently. But bear in mind that, though Jupiter is in its home, Saturn is also in its home Capricorn together with Pluto. So I would forecast that we will be asked to demolish some old structure, throw away those that no longer serve us so to clear the space for something new.

Be mindful if there is any planets in Sagittarius, Aries and Leo in your natal chart, as Jupiter will make trine with these planets and give its blessing in the areas represented by these planets. For other signs, don’t worry too much if there is a bad aspects between Jupiter and your natal planets, because Jupiter is a great benefic anyways, and everything it touches will turn into a blessing to a certain extent. Let’s check how Jupiter affects each rising sign. (If you do not know your rising sign, please counter check you Sun and/or Moon signs)


Aires (or Jupiter in 9 House)

Aries will have more chances to go on long trips, this is the process of developing your own philosophy of life. You will see different things, meet different people, experience different cultures and then you will sense it, think through it, digest it, conduct experiment on it and then share happily with others. The 9th House is related to philosophy, so it is more internal, but your emotions and behavior will become more mature.

Taurus (or Jupiter in 8 House)

This placement can be related to more spiritual development, but as Taurus are very down-to-earth, they do not like things that are untouchable or cannot be seen. I would bet they prefer to have more sex with their partners or manage more money from their partner, i.e. their partners may earn more during this period.

Gemini (or Jupiter in 7 House)

This can be an interesting transit, on one hand it may mean having more opportunity to find a partner; or if you already in a relationship, your partner may gain weight. It is possible that more trips for Gemini too, but usually go with your partner. (Maybe that’s the reason they gain weight?) If you are looking for a working / business partner, here comes the chance as well!

Cancer (or Jupiter in 6 House)

This maybe difficult to foresee, as 6 house is related to sickness and work. So Cancers may find their workload increases, and thus please be mindful of your health. If you want to use Jupiter’s energy in a positive way, check out more information on getting fit or stay healthy, taking care of your self; at the same time learn time management so as to strike balance between work and life.

Leo (or Jupiter in 5 House)

You will likely to have kids, but if you are not interested in having your own kids, this is a good time to devote your time on your personal interests or spend sometime with friends' kids. You will find the long lost contentment and relax a bit. There is also a chance to meet someone interesting and start a romantic relationship.

Virgo (or Jupiter in 4 House)

You may move to a bigger home, or live with more family members, so it may also mean having children. Actually I would say Virgos are more likely to have kids than Leos, because Saturn represents responsibility and is placed in your 5 house, the house of children. Anyways, Virgos will spend more time at home, maybe staying with your parents, especially father.

Libra (or Jupiter in 3 House)

You will spend more time with your siblings, or likely to learn something new or have the opportunity to express yourself. Personally, I think it would be very likely for you to meet your childhood playmates or neighbors, especially during Mercury or Jupiter retrograde. You can make use of this transit to communicate more with people and make reference of their opinion, but please be careful that this will affect your decision making ability as Libras are known to have difficulties in making decisions.

Scorpio (or Jupiter in 2 House)

This will be a great year for Scorpios in terms of finance as the great benefic is in the second house of money! You will have more chances to make money, or maybe a pay rise. But the assets represented by the second house is not only limited to money, it can be related to personal connections; things that are under your control or talents. Scorpios usually have high ego, they will like having a lot of money as this represents more power to a certain extent, but I would bet they will prefer investing the money or time on themselves as this will be more long lasting.

Sagittarius (or Jupiter in 1 House)

This transit can be good or bad, but I personally think it is good, not only you will become more optimistic, you will also become more lucky in many ways. But the bad things is you may gain weight! BUT, (hold on…), Saturn passed through Sagittarius before, so you may have lost quite some weight or not in a healthy state, it is fine to gain some weight now! Besides, most of the outer planets brought quite a lot of stressed to Sagittarius in the last few years, so please enjoy the time when the great benefic is around!

Capricorn (or Jupiter in 12 House)

This is an embarrassing placement, because 12 house is a mysterious house, something that cannot be touched, it is like the black hole, absorbing everything inside, things happened without your noticing. Also this house is related to expenses, so Capricorns may have more expenses than expected. However, I’m pretty confident that Capricorns with their strong discipline and willpower, they can handle this challenge easily.

Aquarius (or Jupiter in 11 House)

11 house is related to friends, so this year Aquarians will make a lot of friends, especially foreign friends. First because there are more chances to travel; second, Sagittarius is also related to foreign places. 11 house is also related to wealth, as I mentioned in Scorpio, wealth or assets is not only about money, it is also related to human connection. Aquarius is an air sign, I would bet you may prefer more friends than money.

Pisces (or Jupiter in 10 House)

10 house is related to career, or the social status we project into the world. So Pisces may have the chance to have a promotion or get married! 10 house is the highest house in our natal chart and it is a place where people see us, so I would also forecast Pisces will have more chance to let people see them or make speech in the public. As Jupiter is a great benefic, Pisces will be lucky in work places and perform well without much effort.

The above is only a general analysis, not all people with the same rising sign will experience the same as we need to look at also the natal chart. If you are interested, feel free to contact me for a personal reading.

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