Astrology forecast for 4 - 10 November 2018

This week we are welcoming the Scorpio New Moon on the 8th and Jupiter will go into Sagittarius on 9th.


As I said last week, this 2 weeks will have a lot of changes, as energy of Scorpio will become Sagittarius gradually. Scorpio is a heavy sign, it is stubborn when things are related to truth, to the extent that it hates any vague and fake things, no matter what is in between, it just hate to be deceived or stay in the dark. However, although Sagittarius is also the truth seeker, it is enjoy the process, enjoying that he met different people, learn different things and experienced the process of searching; so Sagittarius is not as heavy nor as stubborn as Scorpio.

The Scorpio on 8th is happening at 15 degree, if you are in HK, the time will be around 1 am. This is quite a special new moon as there are a lot of good aspects that are supportive to making new moon wishes. Including the trine with Neptune and sextile with Pluto, the modern ruling planet of Scorpio. Together with Jupiter in the last degree of Scorpio, the energy of Scorpio is still strong.


Pluto, being the modern ruling planet of Scorpio, holds the energy of transformation, plus the new moon at 15 degree, it seems that there are things left undone, or the process of transformation is still in progress. Pluto is currently in Capricorn, a sign that signify up climbing and diligence, we are asked to keep pursuing our goals. And personally, I think we are in the right direction with Pluto sextile the new moon. With Capricorn, we are definitely asked to complete things with diligence, to absorb as much as we could, even though the process is painful, we gain what is useful to us for a life time.

Neptune in Pisces, a water sign, both of them signify spiritual issues and sacrifice, so we are asked to let go. It is tricky here… think about the times when we are so eager to have something but filed, then we were given the same things when we decided give up. This is life and it is an art to get a balance between when to insist and when to give up. Water signs are about internal emotions, so let’s search inside and live in the present.

Further, Jupiter at 29 degree of Scorpio, the last degree of Scorpio, it is usually said that a planet is the strongest in the last degree of a sign. Its like when we were told in an exam that there is only 15 minutes left and we usually write as much as we could so as to gain more marks. The same for planets, they have different homework in each sign and Jupiter in Scorpio will reveal a lot of things that were hidden, so we can throw away those that we do not need. Its also like burning those useless into ashes that becomes the nutrition for our later growth. Anyways, on 9th, Jupiter will go into Sagittarius.

I will share more about what Jupiter will do in Sagittarius in the coming posts, but please do not forget what have been learnt when Jupiter is in Scorpio, as the Sun is still in Scorpio and Mercury will later retrograde back into Scorpio too!

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