Astrology forecast for 25 Nov - 1 Dec 2018

The Full Moon happened at 0 degree last week tells us that the Sun has officially entered into Sagittarius. Comparing to Scorpio, we will feel lighter, plus it is year end, I bet you are thinking about travelling to another country for a relaxing holiday or you are already taking the time off? This week, we will welcome 2 important astrological events - (i) The Mercury in retrograde is meeting the Sun and Jupiter in Sagittarius; and (ii) Venus will oppose Uranus for the third time.


First thing first, we will have the Sun and Jupiter conjunct on Monday (26th). This is the luckiest day of the year, as these 2 planets are on the same degree - 3 degree of Sagittarius. In general the Sun and Jupiter conjunct within a close degree already represents good luck and in traditional astrology, same degree with the Sun means this good luck will be doubled or tripled. If you have such configuration in your natal chart or any of your friends have such, you are really really lucky in this life! Please pay attention to what is happening this day, like the bus comes exactly when you arrive the bus stop can be a sign. But no matter what, be grateful towards the things happened to you in life. (Note: As we all have different natal charts, it would be more specific if you compare the astrological event with your chart so as to understand where this good luck is happening to you.) Also, this day the Sun and Jupiter will trine Chiron, so this is a very good time for healing.

We have Mercury meeting the Sun and Jupiter starting on 26th as well. To a certain extent, I think this reduces the negative effect of Mercury retrograde, but please note that it is at the same time squared ;by Neptune in Pisces. This configuration is very interesting, Jupiter is good luck, representing expansion, while Neptune in Pisces, its depositor is Jupiter, with the squaring aspect, it would be difficult to know whether things will be good or bad. However, I personally think it is definitely a very good opportunity to make plans, to manifest and work towards your goals. Mercury is our minds, our thinking process; the Sun is our goal, our destiny; Jupiter assist us to expand; Neptune is our imagination. These planets are asking us to think of ways to make goals and to carry out the required actions, so we can be a better self… this is exactly what law of attraction is about! Neptune is turning direct on 27th, this sort of strengthen my viewpoint on this.


Another thing about this week is that we will have Venus opposing Uranus, exact opposing is happening on 1 Dec, but its effect usually start 2-3 days before and persist 2-3 days after. As said, it is the third time Venus meeting Uranus in the sky, please check what happened during the last two meetings between these 2 planets, this would be the last chance we settle it.

Comparing with the last few weeks, this week is more relaxing. And next week we will have the New Moon again. (Time really flies!) So stay tuned!

(Photo Credit: Google)