Astrology forecast for 11 - 17 November 2018

We are expecting a another busy week, as the energy in the sky is changing again, especially this Friday on the 16th - where Venus is stationing to turn direct, Mercury is stationing to go retrograde and Mars is going into Pisces.


Venus is turning direct after its retrograde for more than a month or so. It will station at 25 degree of Libra and start progressing back to Scorpio, and only by 18 December it will be really out of shadow. Venus is about how we look at love and values, and Venus is the ruling planet of Libra, so once it starts to go direct, we will feel easier to express ourselves on topics related to love or values. This is especially true for Taurus risings and Libra risings, you will feel like finally you are able to breath, or your personal charm is back! Please pay attention to the lessons you learnt or faced during Venus retrograde, check which house it went through in your natal chart. (I personally bought a lot of cosmetics…lol)

Interestingly, Mercury is going retrograde on the same day, from 13 degree of Sagittarius back to 27 degree in Scorpio on 8 December, and will really be out of shadow on Christmas day (25 December). I think most of you are familiar with Mercury retrograde… Mercury rules a lot of stuff in our daily lives, transportation, communication, tele-communication stuff, tradings, etc. Its retrograde will lead to bumpiness in these areas, like things just won’t go smooth. Please be mindful when using electronic devices, as Mercury also rules this; and especially we use our mobile phones to get in touch with each other. Also, as Jupiter has entered Sagittarius, we will have more chances to travel and during Mercury retrograde, please check your itinerary twice or even triple times, and the stuff that you need to bring along, so as not to affect your trip. This is actually a good time, because we are asked to review our lives, what has been ineffective and meant to be changed. Mercury in Sagittarius is about publishing and sharing information; Mercury in Scorpio is about conducting deep research, so it seems that we may have missed something when Scorpio was in Mercury a month ago, we are now required to go deeper, to review, re-evaluate, re-discover, so as to give a meaningful sharing when Mercury is again direct in Sagittarius.


Another transit happening on Friday is Mars going in Pisces. Pisces is a water sign, representing the ocean and projects a very strong spiritual energy. Mars coming into Pisces may mean we are getting more focused in developing our spirituality, but in a motion sense, e.g. dancing, yoga, etc. If you are interested in this, you can definitely make use of this trend to learn the skills. However, be aware that Pisces has no boundaries, so your action may change easily, plus Mars is going to square Jupiter, the ruling planet of Pisces, it would be difficult to predict what is coming up next. I would strongly suggest you to have a plan b. Anyhow, Pisces and Sagittarius, both ruled by Jupiter, are more interested in the process than the result, so let’s go with the trend, enjoy the process and experience what is offering to us by life!

I think the most funny thing about this transit is that its like we have just extinguished the fire in one place, another fire started immediately in another place, but the environment is different as Mars is in Pisces, its like you are still wondering whether you want to extinguish such fire or not. But no matter what, we are asked to revise, review, re-evaluate how we lived our lives and to stay flexible, before we go into 2019.

(Photo Credit: Google)