Astrology and tarot weekly forecast for 7 Oct - 13 Oct 2018

We are already in the season of Venus retrograde and Pluto in direct motion. As mentioned last week, I suppose we are all ready for the review and re-structuring coming forth? This week we still have challenges, as there are squares and oppositions among the planets, but keep in mind that we always have the necessary support form the universe.


Bad aspects in the week include Sun squaring Pluto; Mercury opposing Uranus; Venus squaring Mars; Mars conjunct the South Node and at the same time opposing the North Node. On the other hand, we have Saturn trine Uranus; Sun trine Mars; and Venus trine Neptune. Also, we will expect the Libra New Moon on the 8th. In summary, I would say this week we shall focus on the Sun, Venus and the Moon.

The Sun is our ego, the true me, this week it is squaring Pluto and trining Mars. Both Pluto and Mars are the ruling planet of Scorpio, which makes me think of fear and motivation. Though there is a bad aspect, with the good aspect with Mars, I expect this would be a time for us to be conscious to understand what is bugging us and to have the motivation to make necessary changes. It is a leap of faith to a great extent, it is not simple nor easy and its like bungy jump or sky diving, once you did it, you feel different and ready for more challenges!

Venus being our focus this week, not only because it just went retrograde, but it also has both good and bad aspects. Venus retrograde always related to reviewing our relationships, how we use our financial resources or even meet an ex, causing our calm heart to ripple or feeling insecure. This week it is communicating with Mars and Neptune. Mars is mentioned again, so we will have to pay attention to our temper or anger. We can use music or art to calm down, and better transform it into something constructive. For example, some people can hardly show their true feelings in front of their loved ones, once their true feelings got noticed or revealed, he/she may get angry. Another example is we don’t know how to use our temper to progress things. This is a time that we need to check what is going on and rectify.

Together with the Libra New Moon on Monday (8th), we will need to pay close attention to what stated in the above examples. Balance is the key here, we need to give the appropriate feedback at the right time, not just being the yes man or the bad guy all the time, neither are we supposed to make reckless decision all the time nor make no decisions.

I’ve got the below cards from the Thoth Deck:

The energy of the week: Knight of Cups

He is the fire in water, he is gentle and charming. The way that he balance both water and fire is the key to his success. We need to understand our charms, it is not about our appearances, but the way we act and speak. Our actions can affect others, but affect ourselves as well. The issue is - how are you going to use it?

Things to pay attention to: Princess of Swords

The air in earth, we are required to find our peace in the chaotic world. The origin of this princess is Medusa, the monster with snakes as her hair and turns people to status if you look directly into her eyes. This is a metaphor that we need to materialize our thoughts. Interestingly, the dark clouds below the princess represents her anger, it is singing in coherent with the astrology analysis above that we need to make use of this fire within us to make things work! Please remember: everything is neutral, depending on how we use it.

Things to learn: Princess of Cups

The earth in water, create and crystalize. The fish in the picture was interpreted as dolphins by Crowley, it is the symbol of Venus, representing gentleness and the expectation of love. We don’t usually treat each other with gentleness nor love nowadays, fearing we would be laughed at or we would suspect there is hidden agenda for any good deeds. This card is reminding us to treat each other good and a small sacrifice may lead to abundance in the future.

All court cards in this prediction, I would say we will meet a lot of people, giving us different suggestions and affecting us in different ways. We have to realize what is in our heart and make the right choices. Even though the choices may turn out to be bad in the future, at least we tried; instead of looping it in our mind, we have to act on it. Don’t let regret be part of your future!

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