Astrology forecast for Oct 14 - 20, 2018

This week, other than the Venus retrograde (for more information on Venus Retrograde, please click here), Mercury is our focus too! Mercury has been in Scorpio, we will have deep thoughts, talk about deep stuff; and on the other hand, will get troubled by things that are vague or not real. It is a good time to search for deep and valid solutions for issues that are bothering us.

(Photo Credit: Google)

(Photo Credit: Google)

This week we have Mercury at 7-18 degree of Scorpio, conjuncting Venus. As Venus is in retrograde, this aspect is asking us to use language and/or logic to tackle issues related to money or relationship. We should read more and research more, to find the right solutions for the challenges we are facing. By Friday, Mercury will square Mars and trine Neptune. This day we may hurt others with our mindless words or get hurt by others, the worst is to have an argument, causing nervous tension. To avoid, we can make use of the Neptune energy, listen to relaxing music, drink more water, read some spiritual books can definitely help. These activities can help us escape from the tension, distract us from the stressful situation and at the same time hopefully can make us more compassion towards each other, make some room to understand the other’s viewpoint and thoughts.

If your ascendant, sun or moon is in water sign (i.e. Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces), it is a very good time to make use of Mercury, to get deep in thoughts and do some research; it can also help us succeed in a business negotiation, so if you need to communicate a lot in your work place, this aspect can be very useful; afterall, Mercury is related to business, negotiations, promotions, etc. Also it will be a smooth trip if you are going on a short trip.

Let’s also talk about Mars as it is aspecting Mercury. Mars will be in 12 - 16 degree of Aquarius, this is the third time Mars going through this area of the sky (the first was when it was direct and the second time was when it was in retrograde), it is the shadow area of Mars during its retrograde, so if you have unfinished business during Mars retrograde, this will be the final chance to complete it; or if you are done, it is a time that you are ready to start something new. This aspect is particularly good for people with ascendant/ Sun / Moon in air signs (i.e. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius). However, if you have any planets in your natal chart in any fixed signs (i.e. Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio), this can be a challenging period. BUT that doesn’t mean you won’t succeed, if you try your best and be careful, there is nothing impossible for you. Squares just means you need to put in some really hard work!

This week, I would say, is a good time for water signs, as Jupiter is also in Scorpio, from 24 degree to 26 degree, so trining the other water signs. Jupiter represents good luck and is the great benefic in the sky, so people of the water signs will feel lucky and optimistic. Please check carefully if there are any personal planets in water signs in your natal chart!