Celestial Cat

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I have been a fan of the Greek and Roman legend since I was small and later I realized that I am very much addicted to astrology and tarot. These tools help me find my life destiny and I hope that these tools can also help you to find your direction and live your life fully, by finding your inborn potential.  

I can speak Chinese and English fluently, so by combining these talents, I can write a report that you can easily understand and have practical actions. 



Member of International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) 
Member of Association For Astrological Networking (AFAN) 
Member of American Federation of Astrology (AFA) 
Certified by STA Practitioner’s Level Horary Astrology
Certified Biddy Tarot Reader

Mission and Ethics

I set up this site mainly to help people understand their life and hopefully to make use of their time on earth more efficiently and effectively. However, there are things that I couldn't do and shouldn't do, please take note of the following before you proceed so as to make the consultation more appropriate to your situation. 

  • I am a professional in a certain field when I work in my full time job, but this site is about spiritual growth, so I would not do reading on things that can be served better by a professional, such as, legal issues and health issues. It is highly recommended to approach a lawyer if you have legal issues to deal with; and a doctor if you feel unwell.

  • Race, gender, sexual orientation and/or religion should not be my criteria in considering a reading, so no matter where are you from, I promise to give you a reading with love and guidance from the spirit.

  • Tarot and Astrology is only a guiding tool for you to make your decision in your life time, you still have your free-will to choose whether to follow or not. (At least I have had this experience and things still go well.) But my point is, you can take it as a very good reference and help you make the best decision you can at that moment of time.

  • I will not perform third party reading, so please only ask questions related to your own. The main reason behind is that if a third party has never asked the question, his/her energy will never be present in the reading, and the reading will never be reliable.

  • A reading, no matter Tarot or Astrology reading, is a very private and personal communication between the reader (i.e. me) and the seeker (i.e. you), and an even deeper communication between you and your souls. So I promise to keep your information private and confidential during and after the reading.

  • A reading will be performed within 7 days for tarot and 14 days for astrology reading, once your purchased is received, if there is anything I think I am not in the position to do so, there will be a full refund.